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About This Survey

Author: cheerchar12
Created: October 20, 2008
Taken: 38 times
Rated: PG

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A Survey Just For You

Created by cheerchar12 and taken 38 times on Bzoink
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whats ur name:
how old are you:
what school do you go to:
what grade are you in:
whats ur favorite color:
Whats ur favorite song:
whats ur favorite food:
are you single or taken:
tell me a secret:
iMpOrTaNt StUfF aBoUt yOu
are you a happy person:
are you in love:
if so who:
whats something ramdom you always do:
do you love the Jonas Brothers:
if you do then thats important, right:
they're all amazing but who's ur fave:
you wanna meet them someday:
tell me a secret:
b0yS b0yS b0yS
are you obsessed with them:
have a boyfreind:
if not, do you like someone:
if so who:
do they know:
why do they know:
do you guys talks:
about what:
tell me a secret:
do you have siblings:
are your parents still together:
do you live with both of them:
are your grandparents still alive:
are you great-grandparents still alive:
do you all celebrate the holidays together:
do you love them:
can you count on them:
tell me a secret:
do you have a best friend:
if so, who:
do you have friends you cant trust:
do they know you dont trust them:
do you have friends you dont like:
do they know you dont like them:
which of ur friends can you trust the most:
tell me a secret:
what are you wearing:
is it cold where you're at:
are your nails polished:
how is ur hair right now:
LOOK!! a squirrel:
have you ever stolen anything:
look to you right, whats the first thing you see:
whose awesome:
finish the lyric. "we fly high, no lie, you know this..: