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Author: dinosaurroar45
Created: October 19, 2008
Taken: 128 times
Rated: PG

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Yeah, this is a survey.

Created by dinosaurroar45 and taken 128 times on Bzoink
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This is the boring basics because people don't know your name by now.
Yeah, what's your name, kid?
Does it annoy you, being called kid?
How old are you, anyways?
Where were you born?
Do you reside in the same place?
Parents still together?
What're their names and ages anyways?
Any pets?
Anything you'd like to tell us about your pets?
What grade level of school have you made it to?
Want more?
How many different schools did you go to?
What's your middle name?
Has any part of your name come from someone else?
Do you wish you could change your name?
Mm... Assuming you would, What to?
Favorites anyone?
Did your parents play favorites?
If so, who was favorite?
What's your best friends' favorite food?
What's your mom's favorite colour?
What's your favorite colour undies/boxers?
Your favorite hoody is what colour?
Your preferred television show?
How about them books?
Wild animal?
Tame animal?
Soda pop?
Do you sometimes toss 'izzle' onto your words?
You're eighteen. Who're you voting for in the next presidential election?
What would your perfect tee shirt say?
Do you make your own myspace layouts?
What's your religion?
Ever wanna get married?
How many times?
Are you a coffee drinker?
Do you think the Twilight series is overrated?
Are Converse Chuck Taylors cool looking in your eyes?
Pet? name? how long did you have it?
kiss? were you dating? how long?
major regret?
myspace friend not including tom?
This or that?
Normal Mountain Dew or Code Red?
Dr Pepper or Mr Pibb?
dentist or doctors appointment?
married to the second to last person you kissed or a child of your own?
cat or dog?
nike or adidas?
myspace or myyearbook?
bebo or emoearth?
Emotion? Why?
Drink / food?
Have you ever...
Been in love?
Regretted telling someone something big?
Lied about loving someone?
Made a scene for the hell of it?
Been embarrassed by a family member?
How about by a friend?
Been kissed in the rain?
Tried to down two bananas and two sprites?
It's not a very good idea.
MORE Random. Wootwoot.
Are you going to try the twobananas/two sprites thing now?
Is there something you want to say to the last person you dated?
Do you get along with your exes?
Speaking exes and such, how's that heart of yours?
Has it ever been broken? If so, by whom?
Band / artist (s)?
Food type? [i.e. Italian, Chinese...]
Have you ever...
Eaten sushi?
Beaten someone up?
Got grounded for the lamest thing?
Dissed a friend?
Been dissed?
Wished bad luck upon another?
Abused an animal?
The issues.
Your views on todays education?
Teen parents?
Animal Abuse?
All the poverty across this world?
Happy Hay's legalization?
The amount of alcoholics?
Religion in schools and in the government?
Gay marriage?
Britney Spears?
Death penalty?
statutory rape?
This and that.
Best friend?
Other close friends?
Astrologic zodiac?
chinese zodiac?
Desired pet?
Other stuff.
Do lovey-dovey songs get on your nerves?
What about PDA?
How do you feel about obnoxious kids?
What about the parents that don't do anything about the child?
Did you know the word 'kid' is actually a baby goat?
Ever burst out in random song?
How about dance?