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Author: godsgal
Created: October 18, 2008
Taken: 230 times
Rated: G

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the Reality of Family (the Truth between You and Your Mother)

Created by godsgal and taken 230 times on Bzoink
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View Current Survey Results

Your gender?
Your age?
Does she work?
Do you talk to your mother everyday/very often?
Have you ever shared a personal secret with her?
If you met an accident, would you call her?
Do you tell her you love her?
If you could only save 5 people, would she be one of them?
How much would you spend on her birthday?
Does she ever hit you?
Have you ever hated her?
Has she ever made a decision about you without consulting you?
Does she nag at you?
Do you wish you were closer to her?
Does she make you feel like youíre worth something?
Do you love her cooking?
Has she ever shown favouritism?
Would you call her a friend?
Do you treasure stuff that she gives you?
Is there any characteristic of hers that youíd like to have?
Would you marry someone you really love if she objects to it?
Have you ever stolen her money?
How much of your life does she control?
Have you ever wished somebody else's mother was yours instead?
Does she share your taste in entertainment?
Ever go out together?
Do you like her or your father better?
What would she do if your grades are not up to scratch?
Would you take her in when sheís 75?
Does her opinion influence your views on religion?
If you wanted to do something unorthodox for a living, would she support u?
Has it ever crossed your mind to protect her?
Do you like the name she has chosen for you?
If you kept a journal, would she be in it?
Has she ever called you something derogative or belittling?
Is she the first person to educate you about sex?
Would you care if she looked unhappy?
Have you ever spoken badly or complained about her to your friends?
Has she ever listened in or eavesdropped on your conversations?
Does she scare you?
Has she ever gone through your stuff when youíre not around?
Do you know her favourite colour?
Ever thought of running away from home?
Have you ever had a silent was with her?
Do you sweet talk her to get what you want?
Does she tell you about stuff that goes on in her life?
If you couldn't decide on something important, would u ask her advice?
Has she ever taken out her anger on you?
Does it bother you when she asks you to help out around the house?
Has anyone ever told you you look like her?
Does she explain the reason behind why she does things to you?
Has she ever said sorry to your for some misunderstanding or for hurting u?
Would you say sheís pretty?
Does she compliment your accomplishments?
Has she ever embarrassed you in front of your friends or peers?
Which of the following statements is truest for how she influences you?
As far as you know, has she ever sacrificed anything for you before?
Have you ever cried on her shoulder or gone to her for emotional support?
How much do you know of her life before you could remember?
If she went missing for 2 nights, what would your reaction be?