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Author: sofay
Created: October 17, 2008
Taken: 416 times
Rated: G

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Alphabetttt! Good Grammar+Original, Yes?

Created by sofay and taken 416 times on Bzoink
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Do you drink Alcohol frequently?
What Age are you?
Do you like Apples? :D!
Do you believe in Aliens?
Who is your favourite Actor/Actress?
Do you like The Fresh Prince of Belair?
Were you ever scared about getting Bats stuck in your hair?
Are you always the Banker when you play Monopoly?
Do you like going to the Beach?
Who do you think is the most Beautiful person in the world?
Do you like Cats?
Are you Charismatic?
Do you like laying down to look at the Clouds?
Are you a pro at Checkers?
Has someone ever called you Cheap?
Are you more of a Dog person?
Do you like Disney films?
Do you still Decorate the house for holidays?
Do you have a Dressing gown?
Do you think Dinosaurs are awesome?
Have you ever ran up the down Escalator? Or ran down the up one?
What did you Eat last?
What`s the most Expensive gift you`ve ever recieved?
How do you like your Eggs?
Have you ever been so angry you thought you might Explode?
Would you ever want to be Famous?
Do you think you`re Funny?
Are Flashing lights fun?
When was the last time you Flew in a plane?
Has a Folding chair ever un-folded and squished you while you were on it?
Do people ever say to you,
Did you ever wear Glasses, even though you didn`t need them?
Have you ever eaten Glue?
Do you Give to charity?
Do you think Goat`s are cute?
When was the last time you High-fived someone?
Do you dye your Hair?
Are you Happy with your life?
When was the last time someone physically Hurt you?
Do you always wear a Helmet when you go cycling?
What`s your favourite flavour of Ice-cream?
Could you ever live in an Igloo?
Do you know what an Icoceles triangle is?
What`s the most Incredible thing you`ve ever seen?
Do Insects freak you out?
When was the last time you completed a Jigsaw?
Do you like Jam?
Tell me a Joke!
Are you Jealous of anyone?
Have you ever said
Who was the last person you Kissed?
Do you have a nice Kitchen?
Do you like Kiwi fruit?
Do you find Knock-Knock jokes hilarious?
Do you tend to Keep a bunch of stuff you really don`t need?
Do you think walking under a Ladder is bad luck?
Have you ever been inside a Limo?
Do you really hate Losing?
Do you like playing with Lego?
Do you think you have a cool Laugh?
Did you collect Marbles as a kid?
Do you look in the Mirror a lot?
Do you have a Moustache?
Could you live without Music?
Do you like going to Museums?
What`s your Name?
Do you have trouble saying
Do you like your Neighbours?
Do you watch the News?
What`s your favourite Number?
Do Opposites really attract?
Would you hate working in an Office?
When was the last time you said
Are you Open-minded?
Do you think Olives are gross?
When was the last time you made Pancakes?
Are you wearing Pyjama`s?
Have you ever been to Paris?
Can you play the Piano?
Do you Pull the door that says Push or Push the door that says Pull often?
Are you a Quiet person?
Do you ask too many Questions when you first meet someone?
Are you a Quick learner?
Did you know that Mythbusters proved that a Quack can echo?
Do you know anyone called Quentin?
Do you smile everytime you see a Rainbow?
Do you listen to the Radio all the time?
Can you Roller-blade?
Do you take a Rubber-duck in the bath with you?
Can you Run fast?
What makes you Scared?
Don`t you think Sellotape is cool?
Do you get Sick a lot?
Do you still own a Slinky?
Don`t you love drinking through a Straw?
Did you like Thomas the Tank Engine when you were a kid?
When was the last time you were in a Taxi?
Are you Thirsty?
Do you always remember to say Thank-you?
Do you take care of your Teeth?
Do you own an Umbrella?
Do you live Underneath anyone?
Do you think hanging Upside-down is fun?
Have you ever put water in a rubber-glove and pretended they were Udders?
Do you think you are Ugly?
Do you live in a Village?
Do you have a cool Voice?
What`s your Vice?
Do you still own any old Video`s?
Do you think you could survive in the Victorian era?
Are you too Warm right now?
Do you like Weetabix?
Do you wear a Watch everyday?
Are you cautious about your Weight?
Do you get Worried a lot?
Do you like to play the Xylophone?
Did you ever watch Xena: Warrior Princess?
Have you ever been X-Rayed?
Are you Xenophobic?
Did you know that X is 10 in Roman Numerals?
Do you like Yoghurt?
Was Yesterday better than today?
Do you like the colour Yellow?
How are You?
Do you Yell a lot?
Do you think a horse painted to look like a Zebra is cool?
Do you think
Do you know your Zodiac sign?
Do you take Zinc?
Did you know that Steve Irwin said to run in Zigzag`s to escape a Croc?