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Author: xxblaqkelectricxx
Created: October 15, 2008
Taken: 360 times
Rated: G

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Let's Get To Know Your Top 6! (Excellent Spelling and Grammar)!

Created by xxblaqkelectricxx and taken 360 times on Bzoink
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Let's Get To Know Your Top 6!
Answer questions for each friends, just don't go change your top 6!
Friend #1:
How much do you really care about your #1?
Have you ever gone out of town with this person?
If you are dating this person: Have you broke up and gotten back together?
How many years have you know this person?
How long did it take you to move them up to your #1?
Do the both of you make awesome dance partners?
Has this person had to stay with you for more than a week?
Is their music style almost the opposite of yours?
Are you both in a band together?
Do you often pull pranks on this person?
Do you both have the same hometown?
By any chance, are you next door neighbors?
What is the dumbest thing the both of you have ever done?
If they jumped off of a bridge, would you follow them?
Would you die for this person?
Have you helped your #1 through any type of crisis?
Has your #1 helped you through any type of crisis?
Would it be a scary thought if the both of you ruled the world?
Have people ever thought that you and your #1 were related?
Speaking of being related. Is your #1 really related to you?
Does your #1 have a habit that drives you insane?
Have you ever lied to your #1?
Do they know a lot about you already?
Can this person see the color purple?
Do you think you'll know each other forever and ever?
Do you hang out with your #1 often?
Have you ever been rock climbing with this person?
How about swimming?
Does your #1's problems always come before your own?
How many times have you spent the night with this person?
At one point in time did you hate your #1?
Have you made this person jealous on purpose?
Have they ever made you jealous on purpose?
Were/Are you in any kind of club together?
Do you think you could be roommates with this person?
When was the last time you had a serious conversation with your #1?
Have you gone on a road trip with your #1?
If you had to describe this person in one word, what word would you use?
What if this person told you to forget about their existence?
Have I asked enough questions about your #1? Okay, onto your #2.
Your #2:
Is your #2 athletic?
Are you better at video games than them?
Would you tell this person's dark secret to someone for $1,000,000?
Do you exchange a lot of secrets with this person?
Have you ever had this person over for dinner?
Have they ever had you over for dinner?
Is there something that you keep trying to tell this person but can't?
Are they a bit oblivious at times?
Have you ever dated this person?
Will this person most likely take this survey after you?
Has this person ever been mean to you?
Have you ever been mean to your #2?
What your #2 really good at?
Do you believe your #2 is extremely talented?
Do both of you play a musical instrument of any kind?
Does this person make you laugh a lot?
What is the best memory you have of hanging out with this person?
Did you ever give your #2 a second chance at something?
If you hit your #2 would they most likely hit you back?
Have you ever stood up for this person?
How about your #3?:
The very famous question: How did you meet this person?
Have the both of you ever been in a big fight?
Have you ever felt sorry for this person?
If this person goes through heartbreak, do you help pick up the pieces?
Has your #3 always had faith in you?
Would you say your #3 is the jealous type?
Has this person ever kissed you on the cheek?
Do the both of you have your own secret?
Is this person a peacemaker or a peace destroyer?
Have you ever said anything to make your #3 feel bad?
If so, was it on accident or on purpose?
Can this person always cheer you up when you're feeling down?
What is the craziest thing you have done with your #3?
Do you often tell this person about all your dreams?
Is there a goal the both of you are trying to reach?
If this person wanted to travel the world, would you go with them?
Would you do absolutely anything for your #3?
Can you honestly say that you don't trust this person 100%?
Has this person hurt your feelings greatly?
If so, did you ever tell it to them?
Onto Your #4:
Have you ever hung out with this person alone?
Has this person ever seen you do something that you shouldn't have?
Do the both of you have a song you always sing to?
Do you remember how exactly you met this person?
Did someone introduce you to your #4 or not?
Have you and this person ever been stalked?
When is the last time you and your #4 were truly scared?
Has your #4 ever saved the day?
Do you buy this person gifts each year on their birthday?
Is your #4 so much of a perfectionist that you can't stand it?
Has this person ever helped you clean around the house?
Do you attend school with this person?
Have you ever pulled off an all-nighter with your #4?
What is the biggest favor you have ever done for your #4?
What is their music style?
How well do you honestly think you know this person?
Have you ever borrowed something from them?
Do you have any classes with your #4?
Have you ever taken all the blame for something your #4 did?
Where is this person's hometown at?
Time for #5:
Is this person a good listener?
Has this person ever put their hand(s) on your shoulder(s)?
Has this person ever given you a piggyback ride?
Can you joke around with this person a lot?
Why is this person your #5?
Is this person more outgoing or shy?
Have you ever broken this person's heart?
If so, was it intentionally or accidentally?
Does this person have a nickname?
Where is your favorite place to hang out with this person?
Have you ever saved this person's life?
Have they ever saved your life?
Have they ever invited you to some party or event?
When they say something are they telling a lie or saying it from the heart?
Are both of you very alike?
Have you ever shoveed your beliefs in this person's face?
Have you ever helped this person with their homework?
Is this person more of an acquaintance?
If you lend them money do they always thank you and pay you back?
Have you ever used this person?
Last, but not least. Your #6:
Do you and this person look a lot alike?
How long have you known each other?
How many times have you met in real life (if any at all)?
How often do you chat with your #6 online?
Is there something that you are dying to tell them?
Has this person ever pulled you into a tight situation?
Does this person often ask for second opinion?
Does your #6 talk a lot?
By any chance, does this person like some techno music?
Do you know who their favorite music group is?
Do you and this person share a favorite hobby?
That must make things more fun, right?
Are both of you in the same grade?
Or are you both graduates?
Do you give this person advice often?
Have you ever felt you were drifting apart from this person?
Do you ever talk to this person on the phone? Perhaps text?
Does this person trust you a lot?
Does this person trust you more than you trust them?
Do you know your #6's phone number?
Do you rely heavily on this person?
Did you ever treat this person horribly, but they forgave you?
Where would you most likely find this person during the week?
Where would you most likely find them on the weekends?
Do you have something very important to say to your #6?
Does your #6 live in your area?
Have you ever gone to a concert with this person?
How about a sporting event?
Your #6 In General:
Which of your top friends do you hang out with the most?
Which one would you most likely find at the beach or at the mall?
Do you joke witht his group of friends a lot?
Have you hung out with more than one person on your top at the same time?
Where is the farthest you have traveled with anyone on your top 6?
Have you ever wanted to get an apartment/dorm with someone on your top 6?
Who do you joke around with the most?
Which one of your top friends can cheer you up the fastest?
Who has done the most favors for you?
If one of your top 6 died, how much would you care?
If any of your top 6 friends died, would they still be on your top?
Have you gone to the beach with any of them?
How about been in a parade with any of them?
Who on your top 6 can you talk for hours and hours?
Do you have any HUGE plans with anyone on your top 6?
Have you helped any of your top 6 through anything very serious dilemma?
Are any of them cheerleaders?
How many of your top 6 play instruments?
If so, do you call them band geeks?
How did you come across all of your top 6? Was it coincidence/fate/etc.?
If any of your top 6 were extremely ill, would you be found by their side?
If two of your top 6 were in the hospital, who would you try and see first?
Which one of your top 6 is most likely to be super successful?
Would any of your top 6 let the animals loose from the zoo if they could?
Which one on your top 6 is most likely to be on the dance floor at a party?
Have you pressured anyone on your top 6 to do something?
If so, did you pressure them into something good or bad?
Do you think it is funny to make any of your top 6 friends mad?
Are any of your top 6 on your top six just because?
If you were in the hospital, which one would most likely visit you?
Since I forgot to ask this before the survey. List your top 6:
Hopefully that covers it! Hope you enjoyed this survey!