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Author: aaronjw1
Created: October 12, 2008
Taken: 109 times
Rated: G

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If You're Bored!

Created by aaronjw1 and taken 109 times on Bzoink
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*About You
Zodiac Sign?
*About My Friends
How many besties do you have?
Do they live near you?
Would you trust them with your life?
When was the last time you saw one of them?
Are you crushing on one of them?
Are you dating one of them?
If so, who?
*About Your Girlfriend / Boyfriend
Zodiac Sign?
Do you truly love him / her?
Do you tell him / her that?
Do you two hold hands?
If so, how often?
Have you hugged him / her yet?
If not, why?
Have you kissed him / her yet?
If not, why?
Is there anything you aren't telling him / her?
If so, what is it?
Would you give your life for him / her?
Would you kill someone for him / her?
If (s)he got in a lot of trouble, would you take all the blame?
*Have You Ever?
Been on a plane?
Eatten a banana split?
Gone comando?
Ran infront of a police station nude?
Thought about running infront of a police station nude?
Kicked a man in the nuts?
(IF YOU'RE A GUY) Smacked yourself in the nuts?
Made a snow angel?
Made a snowman and dressed him up?
Coloured a snowman into a different colour (yellow doesn't count :P)?
Rode in a coach bus?
Driven a bus?
Driven a car?
Swallowed a banana without chewing?
Chewed your icecream?
Worn your underwear inside out?
Gone to school with clothing inside out?
Been beaten up by friends?
*This or That
Cola or Pepsi?
Cream Sode or Orange?
Snakes or Spiders?
Airplane or Train?
School or Work?
One Best Friend or Ten Normal Friends?
Strawberries or Bananas?
Life or Death?
Fun or Boring?
Personality or Looks?
MySpace or Facebook
TV or Computer?
Outside or Inside?
Day or Night?
Sunrise or Sunset?
Up late or Up early?
Kiss in the rain or Kiss on a date?
(Ily) Hug or (Quick on cheek) Kiss?