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Author: sparklesszz
Created: October 8, 2008
Taken: 518 times
Rated: PG

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Crazy Random Insaneness!!!

Created by sparklesszz and taken 518 times on Bzoink
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Do you draw?
Have you ever seen a ghost?
Do you and a friend have a secret handshake?
How many jobs have you had?
How many boyfriends have you had?
How many girlfriends have you had?
Do you own a camera?
Are you into photography?
Do you put on make-up everyday?
How many subjects in school do you have?
Which is your favorite?
What are your aspirations?
Are your ears lop-sided?
Have you ever kissed the sayme sex?
Do you touch and cling on people?
How many tymes a day do you brush your teeth?
Do you floss everyday?
Do you get horny alot?
Who is amazing to hang out with?
What would you nayme your butler?
Do you own a pocket knife?
Where's somewhere you go every week?
Did you get your permit the first tyme?
Did you get your license the first tyme?
Who are you mad in love with?
Do you go to parades?
If you had a band, what genre music would you sing?
This or That?
Sesame seeds or Sunflower seeds?
Soda or Energy Drinks?
Myspace or AIM?
Reading or Writing?
Dresses or Jeans?
Wal*Mart or Mall?
Eat or Shop?
Suck Face or Shop?
Hugs or Suck Face?
Laugh or Scream?
Take Pictures or Model?
Watch TV or be ONLINE???
Funnie people or Shy serious people?
Sleep or Dance?
What's your orientation?
When did you decide this?
Would you ever suck face with the sayme sex?
Have you ever danced with someone you love?
Do you ever sing to people?
Do you use Pro-Activ?
Does it work?
What's your favorite fruit?
Do you hate Mcdonalds?
What place to eat do you LOVE???
Do you buy clothes from Wal*Mart??
What do you get from Subway?
Do you lyke touching people?
Does people touching you make you uncomfortable?
Silly Crap
Was your first kiss with your true love amazing?
Do you lyke to hug or kiss or both??
Do you hug arms up or arms around waist?
Do you half hug or full hug?
What is your favorite drink?
Favorite movie-watching food!!??
Ninja or Pirate?
Do you friend request or just wait to recieve them?
Do you have people you don't knoe on your myspace?
Is there a whole lotta drama in your school?
Do you have more than one last nayme?
Do you have contacts?
If you do, do you hate them?
Do you say lol or haha to laugh online?
What's the stupidest color?
Do you love rainbows?
Have you ever tasted the rainbow?
Favorite skittle?
Favorite chocolate candy?
Favorite candy ever???
Favorite part of Halloween?
Do you drink alot of soda?
Do you have a redbubble account?
How about a bzoink account?
Do you still have a cd player that you use?
Do you lyke coffee?
Favorite form of coffee???
Did you lyke this survey[it was my first one]??