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Author: rahlala
Created: October 4, 2008
Taken: 16 times
Rated: G

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welcome to this survey

Created by rahlala and taken 16 times on Bzoink
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hi. who are you
how old are you
how old would u like to be when u get married
how old would u wanna be to have your first kid
so what are you gonna be when you grow up
are you in highschool?
whats your fave class?
where are you gonna live when your older
what kind of car you gonna drive
okay describe a day in your life...as of right now
and describe a day in your life as how you would want it to be later on
in college?
what college are you at/going to
if not that college ..then what?
future stuff..lets talk about now
right now you are dying to
right now the most unfair thing to you is
if you can have anything right now it would be
right now who do you wanna see
right now what do you wanna do
right now where do you wanna be
how do you feel right now
tell me whats on your mind right now
enough about now..lets talk about then
back then what was your life about
back then were you a cool lil kid
back then were you cute
back then were you wild
back then were you annoying
what was your favorite toy back then
what was your favorite food back then
what was your favorite movie back then
what was your fear back then
who did you like back then
wet the bed back then?
ever got lost in the mall from your parents?
ever got on time out
but anyway
you love the smell of
you love the sound of
you love the feel of
you love the sight of
you hate the smell off
you hate the sound of
you hate the taste of
uhh moving on
your at wendys your gonna get.
your at Mcdonalds your gonna get
your at burger king your gonna get
your at white castle your gonna get
your at taco bell your gonna get
your at arbys your gonna get
your at sonic your gonna get
your at pizza hut your gonna get
your at kfc your gonna get
tv much?
your fave channel
your top 5 shows
your top 5 cartoons
maury or jerry
oprah or ellen
dr. phil or montell
scooby or flinstones
nick or disney
mtv or bet
like commercials?
how about the 1-800s?
so um whats love?
what would you do for love
ever have a secret admiror
ever left a love note..anonymously
valentines day your thing
best valentine ever recieved
best valentine ever given
someone can steal your heart by
enoughh...your mushy.lets get busy...write the 1st thing that comes 2 mind
that girl