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Author: roguesorcerer
Created: September 29, 2008
Taken: 683 times
Rated: G

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A profile about YOU. (Actual interesting questions)

Created by roguesorcerer and taken 683 times on Bzoink
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When or if you are in school, what is a bad habit you have in class:
Did you or do you study for most tests:
Do you ever go to the school library or local library:
If so, what do you usually get there. And if not, why not:
Do you like te snn or the moon best:
Are you a nature lover:
Do you like animals, if so, what is your favourite:
Are you in a relationship:
What is your hair colour:
If you could make it any colour, what would it be:
If you had a chance to go to the moon, would you:
If not, why would you not want to go, and if yes, why do you want to go:
Do you believe in aliens:
Do you like mythology:
Do you like to draw:
Do you do anything creative:
How long was your longest relationship:
Do you like anime:
What are your favourite animes:
Do you want Adult Swim:
Do you smoke or drink:
Why do you or why do you not:
Do you like any sports:
Do you wear sunglasses:
Do you read:
What do you normally read:
What is your favourite food:
Would you rather be a demon or an angel:
Are you unique:
Do you still watch cartoons or do you think it is childsih:
Does television really rot your brain:
I don't think so, you can learn by certain things you watch. Do you agree:
Have you ever been on a boat:
Have you been to Disney world:
Do you even like Disney:
Do you read Dr. Suess:
Are you in college:
How old are you:
Do you have a Gaia online account:
Do you have any other internet accounts:
If so, what accounts do you have:
What is your myspace URL:
Do you label yourself:
Do you like Sailor Moon:
Do you have any pets:
What pets do you have:
Do you often wonder why people can be so ignorant:
Do you daydream alot:
What do you normally daydream about:
Do you write:
If so, what do you normally write:
Do you always have time for your friends:
If not, why is that so:
Do you give everyone respect:
Are you homophobic:
Do you believe homosexual people have rights:
I do, why do you or why don't you:
Do you believe we have a creator:
What do you think it is:
Do you have a religion:
Do you currently have a crush on anyone:
What is your favourite celebrity:
Do you like Tim Burton:
Do you go to the carnival:
Did you like this survey: