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Author: heatherletts
Created: January 29, 2005
Taken: 4,561 times
Rated: G

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~*~your bedroom~*~

Created by heatherletts and taken 4561 times on Bzoink
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What Color:
Any Posters:
Any pictures:
What Size:
Color of sheets:
Color of Comforter:
How many Pillows:
Color of Pillow Case:
Whats Under it:
What Color:
What's On It:
Any stains:
How Many:
What's in Them:
Whats on top of them:
Big or Small:
Walk in:
Whats on the Door:
What do you keep in it:
On the floor in your closet:
Whats on The Shelf:
Do you wish it was bigger:
Are your clothes in any special order:
DVD Player:
Whats on it:
Is it hot or cold in there:
How many Windows:
Whats the switchplate look like:
Anything on the door:
Is there a trashcan:
What are the pictures/posters of:
Anything on the Ceiling:
Any Chairs:
What type of bed(futon, daybed):
Do you share your room:
Favorite Item in Your Room:
Anything in the Window: