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Author: xxblaqkelectricxx
Created: September 27, 2008
Taken: 82 times
Rated: G

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Anime/Manga Survey! The best you'll ever take! (Excellent Spelling and Grammar)!

Created by xxblaqkelectricxx and taken 82 times on Bzoink
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*~Death Note~*
What would you do if you obtained a Death Note?
Which one is better? Ryuk or Rem?
Would you be scared if you saw a Shinigami?
If you could choose to get Shinigami eyes, would you?
Remember that it cuts half of your life span! Would you still do it?
Is 'L' funny or just downright mean?
Could you relate yourself to any of the characters in Death Note?
Did you like the first theme song or second theme song better?
Do you think that Light is a genius? (I think he is ^_^)
What did you think of the end of the series?
*~Ouran High School Host Club~*
Which character is your favorite?
Would you like to join the Ouran High School Host Club? Why or why not?
What is your view on Hikaru and Kaoru Hitachiin?
Is Hunny cute or just plain obnoxious?
Tamaki or Kyouya?
Is it funny how they are addicted to 'commoner's coffee'?
Isn't it weird that Nekozawa is really a blonde?
Do you believe that the Beelzenef (Nekozawa's puppet) is cursed?
Is …clair Tonnerre just pure evil? Tamaki deserves better than her, right?
Do you think Haruhi and Tamaki make a great couple?
*~Fruits Basket~*
How would you react if you were cursed the Chinese zodiac/jyŻnishi?
If you were cursed by the Chinese zodiac/jyŻnishi what animal would you be?
Who is better looking? Haru or Kyo? Yuki or Shigure?
Do you think they should continue the anime (regardless of all the flaws)?
Do Hiro and Kisa make a really cute couple?
Is it funny when Hiro and Kyo argue?
What do you think of Akito?
Did you cry when you knew the full story of Tohru's parents (in the manga)?
Do you wish any of these characters were your boyfriend/girlfriend?
Aren't Ayame and Shigure funny together or are they just obnoxious?
*~Petshop of Horrors~*
Would you buy a pet from Count D if you could? Why or why not?
If so, do you think you could follow the contract given?
Which one of his pets do/did you desire most?
Is it weird how some of the pets look like humans?
Do you have a real sweet tooth like Count D?
What do you think about Count D in general?
What do you think about Detective Orcot?
Is Count D more mysterious or funny?
Is Detective Orcot's little brother, Chris, adorable? ^_^
What part of the series was your favorite?
Do you like Yuko Ichihara (shop owner)?
If you could go to her and have a wish granted (for a price) would you?
Would you be frightened if you found that shop like Watanuki did?
Do you wish you had a Kudakitsune (pipe-fox) like Watanuki does?
What do you think about Maru and Moro (the twins at Yuko's shop)?
Do you like black or white Mokona better?
Is it me or does Domeki look identical to his great grandfather?
What was your favorite part of the series?
People who are destined to go to Yuko's shop go there, right?
Since that is true, do you think you would end up going there?
*~D.N. Angel~*
Daisuke Niwa or Satoshi Hiwatari? Phantom Dark or Krad?
If you could be Phantom Dark or Krad, which would you be?
Did you like the episode with the cursed violin?
The Devin's Trill is a great piece, yes, it exists. Did you know that?
Did you notice that cursed violin was also in Descendants of Darkness?
Do you wish you could end up in that painting like Daisuke did?
Risa and Riku don't act anything alike, do they? They are twins, you know.
If you had to, would you rather switch lives with Daisuke or Hiwatari?
What do you think of the opening theme? Better in Japanese or English?
Wasn't the last episode just complete awesomeness? ^_^
*~Angel Sanctuary~*
If you were Alexiel, whose body would you be reincarnated in?
What do you think of Setsuna being in love with Sara?
Was it a shock that Rosiel was a guy?
Is it hard to believe he is Alexiel's twin brother?
Which one of the angels in the series would you be?
Metatron or Sandalphon?
Do you even remember all the characters names?
Which one of the angels swords would you wish to wield?
Was Alexiel's decision to rebel against the heavens a good idea?
If you were Alexiel would you have rebelled against the heavens?
*~Black Cat~*
Is Train Heartnet your favorite character?
What would Train be like if Sven was never around?
What would you do if you were the real Black Cat?
If you could switch places with any character, which would it be?
Would you become a sweeper like Sven and Train?
Do you like the part where Train is turned into a little kid?
What do you think of the Tao powers?
If you could possess one of the Tao powers, which would you choose?
Where you sad about what happened to Saya?
What do you think about The Apostles of the Stars?
*~Absolute Boyfriend~*
Isn't 100,000,000 yen quite a bit to pay for a doll (Night)?
If you accidentally got a 100,000,000 yen doll, what would his/her name be?
Was Night a stupid name for the boyfriend?
Is it funny how persistant Night is about things?
What would you do if Night was your boyfried?
Would you choose Soshi Asamoto over Night Tenjo?
Gaku Namikiri looks so much like a cosplayer, doesn't he? XD
Did Night make you l-o-l when he could never keep his clothes on?
What did you think of Night fighting the newer model at one point?
A lot of girls crushed on Night. Wasn't that funny since he is a doll?
*~The Wallflower~*
Isn't Sunako Nakahara just the awesomest?
If you could go out with any of the boys, which would you choose?
Do you think that it is useless to try to turn Sunako into a lady?
Kyouhei, Takenaga, Yuki, or Ranmaru?
Would Takenaga and Sunako really make a great couple?
If you were Sunako, what would you do?
Do you like the way Sunako is drawn?
Do you like Sunako's dolls? Are they funny or really creepy?
Would you be annoyed if you had to live with Sunako? Why or why not?
If you were in trouble, which character would most likely save you?
*~Red River~*
Kail Mursili is quite the catch, isn't he?
If you were Yuri would you have returned home when you got the chance?
Or would you have stayed to be with Kail?
Do you like Queen Nakia or is she just cruel and disgusting?
Did it shock you when Kail was thought to have had a son?
What do you think about Ramses?
Would you rather be with the Hittites or the Egyptians? Why?
Yuri is quite clever, isn't she?
Should I make a Part II to this survey? If you think so, let me know!