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About This Survey

Author: bodowd
Created: September 24, 2008
Taken: 55 times
Rated: G

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For the Christian Survey-Taker

Created by bodowd and taken 55 times on Bzoink
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Your Salvation Experience
When was it (date if you remember)?
Where were you?
If not alone, Who was with you?
Do you remember your prayer, verbatim?
Was it emotionally overwhelming or just definitive?
Your Christian Walk
Has it been easy?
Do you have more hard or easy times?
In the hard times, is it easier to cope with God?
After salvation, did you fall away or stick w/it?
If you fell away, did you come back and how long after?
If you came back, what made you come back?
Do you have a good church home?
If not, why not? If so, what do you like about it?
What's the hardest thing about being a Christian?
Do you find it easy to forgive those because Christ forgave you?
Do you plan to be or are you in ministry?
Are you good at evangelism/witnessing?
What's more difficult?
Loving God -or- Loving People
Giving financially -or- Witnessing
Reading the bible -or- Personal prayer & worship
Dealing w/rejection (witnessing) -or- discipling a new Christian
Trusting God -or- Trusting People
Praising Him in hard times -or- rejoicing for others when they are blessed
Not gossiping about people -or- getting help with your problems
Talking to people about Jesus -or- Opening up to others about yourself
Repenting for sin -or- Admitting sin to others
Getting saved -or- becoming a disciple
Do you...
Still listen to secular music? Why/Why not?
Attend worship on a regular basis? Why/Why not?
Pray/worship daily? Why/Why not?
Bible study regularly? Why/Why not?
Keep a journal? Why/Why not?
Go on mission trips? Why/Why not?
Attend a small group/cell group? Why/Why not?
Know what a small group/cell group is? Lol..
Think of church as a social event or lifestyle?
The issues...
Is it ok to drink as long as you don't get drunk?
Is sin created equal or are some sins worse than others?
Are homosexuals doomed to hell period?
Will stopping same-sex marriage stop people from being gay?
Can you legislate morality (make ppl be moral by law)?
Should you be in romantic relationships with non-Christians?
Is witnessing to someone a reason 2b in a romantic relationship with them?
Is the Holy Spirit still alive and well?
Does He still give His gifitings to his people?
What is baptism in the Holy Spirit?
Is Jesus the ONLY way? Why/Why Not?
"If we are the body, why AREN'T his arms reaching?"
Christian Music Artists--Do you know of them? If so, do you like them?
Hillsong/Hillsong United
Brooke Fraser
Rush of Fools
Passion Worship Band
David Crowder
Big Daddy Weave
Jeremy Camp
Casting Crowns
Shane & Shane
Brandon Heath
Nicole Nordeman
Natalie Grant
Your Church (If you don't have one, answer what you would want in yours)
Does it have a choir, Praise and Worship Band, or both?
Which version of the bible do they read from?
Do they preach the tithe as a mandatory 10% owed to the Lord?
Do they believe in Holy Spirit Baptism by fire and the gift of tongues?
What denomination is it?
What's the average attendance (guesstimate)?
Is it far from your home? If so, why do you drive that far?
Are the people clique-ey or excepting of everyone?
Do you have to wear dresses/skirts and suits with ties?
Are you heavenly involved in your church?
How many services are there on Sunday?
Any wednesday services?
Do they preach grace and mercy more than hellfire and brimstone?
Is your church more a social gathering or a lifestyle?
What could improve about your church?
How has he changed your life?
Does he truly reign in your life?
Have you ever seen him perform a true miracle?
Is he this angry, vengeful guy in the sky or a loving, graceful father?
THE way or A way?
What has he done for you?
Could you do what he did?
How has he gifted you?
Have you been baptised in the spirit?
Do you have a spirit prayer language?
Do you have the gift of tongues and/or interpretation?
What spiritual gifts do you have?