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Author: tamara216
Created: September 21, 2008
Taken: 100 times
Rated: PG

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all about me  

~¢¢®¡×úAll About Me¢¢®¡×ú~

Created by tamara216 and taken 100 times on Bzoink
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Current Location//:
Current Status//:
T.V. Show//:
~¢¾This Or That¢¾~
Pepsi or Coke//:
McDonalds or Burger King//:
Hot Tea or Ice Tea//:
Love or Money//:
Hugs or Kisses//:
Day or Night//:
Cell Phone or Ipod//:
~¢¾Opposite Sex¢¾~
Tall or Short//:
Light Skinned or Dark Skinned//:
Waves or Dreads//:
Looks or Personality//:
Muscular or Skinny//:
Older or Younger//:
Do U Want To Have Kids//:
Is So, How Many//:
Do U Want To Get Married//:
Wat Do U Want To Be Wen U Grow Up//:
Wat Would U Name Ur Gurl//:
Wat Would U Name Ur Boy//:
Bestiest Friend//:
Wen Did U Meet Them//:
How Long Have U Knwn Them//:
Do They Know Everything About You//:
Do Yall Ever Argue//:
~¢¾Have U Ever¢¾~
Sat On Your Rooftop//:
Smiled For No Reason//:
Laughed So Hard You Cried//:
Performed On A Stage//:
Been In Love//:
Have You Ever Cheated On Someone//:
Went A Week Without Cursing//:
Tried To Commit Suicide//:
Done Drugs//:
Cheated On Someone//:
Stayed Up All Night Lone//:
Been In A Wreck//:
Got Suspended From School//:
If So, For Wat//:
Did U Like Da Survey//: