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About This Survey

Author: -egocentricity-
Created: September 20, 2008
Taken: 244 times
Rated: PG

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-A Fairly Basic "About Me" Survey-

Created by -egocentricity- and taken 244 times on Bzoink
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What's Your Name?
How About Your Age?
Where Were You Born?
Where Do You Live Now?
How Long Have You Lived There?
What Are Your Hobbies?
What Is One Thing You Are Really Good At?
Are You Currently Single, In A Relationship, Married, etc?
If You Are Single, Are You Looking?
Name A Few Favorite Bands?
Name A Few Favorite Books?
Who Are Your Best Friends?
What School Do You Go To?
What Grade Are You In?
What Courses Are You Taking? Grades In Those Courses?
Describe Your Daily Routine?
Favorite Color?
Do You Enjoy Going To The Movies?
What Is Your Favorite Television Program?
What Color Are Your Eyes?
What Color Is Your Hair?
Are You Satisfied With Yourself As A Person?
How Often Do You Shower? Brush Your Teeth?
What Is Your Favorite Food?
What Is Your Favorite Fast Food Restaurant?
What About Your Favorite Sit-Down Restaurant?
Your Idea Of A Pizza Masterpiece?
Are You Currently Employed?
Where Do You Wish You Worked?
Do You Have Any Siblings?
Are You Close With Your Relatives?
How Many Hours A Day Do You Spend Online?
How Many Hours A Day Do You Watch Television?
How Many Hours A Day Do You Spend Playing Videogames?
Are You Artistic?
Use Three Adjectives To Describe Yourself?
How Do You Want Others To Perceive You?
What Is One Thing You Want Others To Know About You?
Name Something You Like That Is Out Of The Ordinary?
What Sites Do You Frequently Visit?
What Is Your Favorite Emotion? Why?
What Is Your Favorite Holiday, And Why?
Do You Like Meeting New People?
Are You Social, Or More Antisocial?
Are You Intelligent?
Do You Play Any Sports Or Participate In Any Other School Activities?
What Do You Do When You Get Home From School?
What Do You Do Before You Go To Bed?
If You Could Have A Song As Your Theme Song, What Would It Be?
What Are Three Things You Always Carry With You?
What Is Your Good Luck Charm?