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Author: jessicawesome
Created: September 18, 2008
Taken: 255 times
Rated: PG

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an intensely amazing survey !

Created by jessicawesome and taken 255 times on Bzoink
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Are you named after anyone famous?
What are you wearing right now?
What are 5 of your favourite bands?
Are you currently in a relationship?
How do you feel about your ex bf/gf?
Whats your opinion on global warming?
Whats your favourite song right now?
How about 3 favourite bands?
Do you have any siblings?
Do you actually get along with them?
Name one bad thing about your current school.
Where do you work?
Do you have any future plans/goals?
What time do you usually wake up at?
Do you share clothes with anyone?
Have you ever had your mouth washed out with soap?
Whats your most embasassing moment?
What class in school did you skip the most?
What is one thing you spend way too much money on?
Who is your best friend?
Who is the most attractive person in the world?
Quote some lyrics from a song of your choice.
Whats one thing you hate about your school?
Have you ever been in a fist fight?
Were YOU the one who started it?
Wheres the weirdest place you've ever kissed someone?
Whats the most you've drank in a night?
Did you get a hangover after that?
Do you get along with your parents?
Have you ever considered suicide?
What are 2 of your favourite movies?
Whats your favourite food?
Do you play any sports?
What was your favourite pet?
Can you play any instruments?
What did you do last 4/20?
What item can you not live without?
Do you have any secrets that nobody knows?
Whats the best party you've been to?
What drugs have you tried?
Is soony moore good looking?
Whats your favourite beverage? (alcoholic and non)
Who is your favourite cartoon character?
How old will you be in a year from now?
Do you have any plans for new years yet?