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About This Survey

Author: insomnisnoctu
Created: September 13, 2008
Taken: 253 times
Rated: G

the Detailed Musical Survey

Created by insomnisnoctu and taken 253 times on Bzoink
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Your name?
Your age?
Your favorite genre(s) of music?
Favorite band(s)?
Favorite singer(s)?
Favorite song(s)?
Music Through the Decades.
In your opinion, what was the best recent decade for music?
Some of your favorite bands to come of that time period?
Some of your favorite songs to come of that time period?
Were you alive or able to comprehend music at that time?
What was the worst decade for music and why?
Music and Your Moods
Do you find that you can alter your mood by listening to music?
Why or why not?
What are a few songs that you listen to when you're sad?
Absolutely heartbroken?
Music in Certain Situations and on Special Occassions
Are there any songs that you associate with the rain?
Snow (not Christmas music)?
Your daily commute?
A current boyfriend/girlfriend or crush?
An ex-boyfriend/girlfriend?
Sunny weather?
A very low point in your life?
A very high point in your life?
Your best friend?
Your most hated enemy?
Your parents?
Siblings (if you have any)?
Being alone?
The early morning?
The afternoon?
The evening?
Somebody that you always wanted but couldn't have?
Any other situations that you associate with music?
Soundtracks & Instrumental Music
What is your favorite movie soundtrack?
Do you prefer movie soundtracks with instrumental pieces or popular bands?
Favorite instrumental artist(s)?
Favorite instrumental song(s)?
Song Lyrics
Your favorite song lyrics of all time?
Your favorite song lyrics of the moment?
Your favorite sad song lyrics?
Your favorite happy song lyrics?
Your favorite angry (or otherwise unbalanced) song lyrics?
A song lyric that made you cry?
A song lyric that made you laugh?
A song lyric that made you want to start a fistfight?
A song lyric that you secretly dedicate to an ex?
A song lyric that you secretly dedicate to an enemy?
A song lyric that you secretly dedicate to a lover or love interest?
A song lyric that describes your life?
A song lyric that describes you?
A song lyric that is so bad that you think it never should've been written?
Your Musical History
Have you ever performed music? (Whether it be vocal or instrumental)
Are you a good singer?
Do you formally know anything about music?
What was your favorite band when you were 10?
When you were 15?
Would your 9-year-old self like the music you listen to now?
How about your 15-year-old-self?
Do you remember what your favorite song was when you were a preteen?
Do you still like that song?
What/who influenced your musical taste?
Are there any bands that you're ashamed that you liked as a kid?
Any bands that you're glad you liked as a kid?
Do you come from a musically inclined family?
In general, are you musically inclined yourself?
Music Ownership
What is the most common genre in your CD collection?
What is the best album you own?
What is the worst album you own?
Do you purchase music legally or do you download it illegally?
Do you think that illegal downloading is a crime?
How many CDs do you own (as in, physical CDs)?
How many albums do you own (including MP3 files)?
Do you sell your music after you get tired of it?
Go to your iTunes library and put it on random. First song that comes up?
Second song that comes up?
Third song that comes up?
Do you think that these three songs represent your library well?
Your Listening Habits
Where do you listen to music the most?
Do you listen to music on your daily commute?
While you're online?
While you're hanging out at home?
In the shower? If not, do you sing?
While studying and/or reading?
What is your favorite memory involving music?
Least favorite memory?
Do you actively seek new music out?
Do you steal music from your buddies?
Do you regularly go to concerts/performances?
What was the most memorable and/or best performance?
Ever listened to music while you should've been doing something else?
Ever been in trouble for the music you listen to?
Do you tell people about new bands?
Today's Music
Do you particularly like music that's popular today?
Favorite new band/artist?
Least favorite new band/artist?
Favorite popular song (ie--you've heard it on a hits FM radio station)?
Are there any undiscovered bands that you hope will become popular?
Do you actively listen to new music or are you stuck in the past?
Do you listen to oldies?
Why or why not?
Your favorite pre-1990's band?
Favorite pre-1990's song?
Do you like music of the 80's?
Do you own/listen to any albums that predate 1985?
What kind of music did your parents listen to when they were your age?
Do they listen to the same music now?
Do you know anything about your grandparents' tastes in music?
The Final Questions
Do you like telling people about your favorite music?
Do you like sharing new music with people?
Are you a member of any musical-based websites or forums?
Are you a full-album kind of person or singles & hits kind of person?
What is the strangest thing you listen to?
The most typical thing you listen to?
Would you say that your musical taste falls in with other people your age?
What does your music say about you?