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Author: tictacgirl00
Created: September 8, 2008
Taken: 91 times
Rated: PG

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The BEST supernatural survey ever!!

Created by tictacgirl00 and taken 91 times on Bzoink
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Do you believe in the supernatural world?
satan or the devil?
or just good and evil?
im sure ive missed a few...care to elaborate?
More questions...
if you could choose to be a supernatural being would you?
are you now? if you arent then what would you pick?
do you think anything with the supernatural is evil?
what would you do if you were that girl in the excorcist?
do u believe exorcism works or is it all psychology?
do u think mentally ill ppl are really just possessed (i dont)?
so, what about mermaids...ya think theyve got an underwater world or not?
what about sirens? ya think sailors really hear and see them?
would u freak if a ghost talked to you?
what if it touched u?
would you wonder what it REALLY was?
can you name at least two diff kind of hauntings that can occur?
do cemeteries freak u out at night? why or why not?
do u think there are spirits all around us that we cant see?
what happens when u die?
would u try to contact someone that was already dead? why?
do u think that is evil?
do u think it is invitin stuff in yr house u might not want there?
do u believe in spells of any sort?
what do you think a prayer is...reallly?
do you believ in voodoo? why?
do you beleive in magic like for real?
what about glamour?
do u beleive in karma?
do u think time travel is possible?
if you could would u? why?
r vampires for real?
what about psychic vampires...?
do u think blood contains our life energy?
do u beleive in souls?
soul mates?
fate or destiny?
or do u think our choices determine our path?
once saved always saved?
or even the NEED to be saved in the christian sense?
what religion would u consider yourself? why?
would u change it if you found something that u thought was more true?
do u beleive ....in numerology?
chinese or european astrology..which is more accurate?
do you beleive in love at first site?
knowing someone the first time you meet them?
that certain ppl are doomed with bad or good luck?
that the sins of the father r passed down?
that hallucinagenic drugs can take u to a diff
do you beleive in diff dimensions all being lived out at the same time?
if so elaborate on one of yr dimensions u would like :)
do you beleive one instant or choice can change yr life forever?
its personal care to share?
what about the whole matrix idea? think thats nuts?
did i cover reincarnation yet?
well, if i didnt ...whatcha think about it?
do u think you have lived before? when?
what bout past life regression? would u do it?
who would creep you our most in yr current life to come back?
would u want to live again if you could in a physical body on earth?
why or why not?
what is yr version of heaven? do u believe in a heaven?
how bout a hell? do we create them for ourselves or what?
anyway, this really long...whatcha think bout this survey?
was is original? i know it was long...thanks tho:) have a good day!!!

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