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Author: xoxdaisychainxox
Created: September 5, 2008
Taken: 541 times
Rated: G

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{ IPOD SHUFFLE } the songs that best describe you.

Created by xoxdaisychainxox and taken 541 times on Bzoink
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{ YOU YOU YOU } :. what song best describes...
your best physical feature?
your worst physical feature?
your main character strength?
your main character flaw?
the positive aspects of yourself?
the negative aspects of yourself?
the way you feel about yourself?
the way others feel about you?
the first impression you give?
your family's opinion of you?
your friends' opinion of you?
the things you want to change about yourself?
the goals you set for yourself?
your dreams?
what you are afraid of?
what makes you smile?
what makes you laugh?
what makes you angry?
what makes you cry?
what makes you miserable?
the things you have achieved?
the way other people view your achievements?
{ LIFESTYLE }:. what song best describes...
your personal style?
your attitude to work?
your hobbies?
your interests?
your daily routine?
your eating habits?
your sleeping habits?
your social life?
your friendship group?
your romantic relationships?
your priorities in life?
your expertese?
the things you are good at?
the things you are bad at?
your general attitude to life?
{ FAMILY }:. what song best describes...
your father?
your mother?
any siblings you might have?
your family situation?
your childhood?
the main causes of family tension?
your grandaprents?
your aunts or uncles?
any family pets you might have?
your home life?
the family dynamic?
{ FRIENDSHIPS }:. what song best describes...?
your best friend?
your closest friend?
your funniest friend?
your happiest friend?
your craziest friend?
your shiest friend?
your most creative friend?
your most unique friend?
your childhood friend?
your most troubled friend?
your most temperamental friend?
{ FAVOURITE THINGS}:. what song best describes...
the kind of music you like?
the kind of cinema you like?
the kind of literature you read?
the kind of things you do when you're bored?
the kind of things you do when you want to relax?
your favourite food?
your favourite shop?
your favourite passtime?
your favourite feeling?
your favourite memory?