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Author: lulabelle89
Created: August 28, 2008
Taken: 66 times
Rated: G

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To Pass The Time

Created by lulabelle89 and taken 66 times on Bzoink
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To Pass The Time:
What's one thing you think about regularly?
What color do you think describes your personality?
What's one thing you probably take for granted?
How many siblings would you have if you could choose?
What is your favorite book?
What irritates you the most?
How many different foods have you ate today?
What's your favorite thing in nature?
What is/was your favorite school subject/
What is your favorite bird?
What Christmas present was your favorite from last year?
What is a phrase you say often?
Do you know what an oxymoron is?
If you had a million dollars what charity would you give it to?
How many windows are in your room?
What kind of exotic animal would you like to have as a pet?
If you got a new pet, what would you name it?
Are you outgoing or laid back?
Are you a rebel or an angel?
What word describes you?
How many shirts do you own?
What store do you shop at most?
New York Yankees or Boston Red Sox? (Say Yanks!)
How many times do you say 'like' in a sentence?
Do you prefer country or pop music?
Name one person you idolize:
Republican, Democrat, or Independant?
Who is your favorite athlete?
Do you enjoy swimming?