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Author: kat-omgz
Created: August 28, 2008
Taken: 33 times
Rated: G

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Your a mean one Mr. Grinch :] (funny words)

Created by kat-omgz and taken 33 times on Bzoink
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(WARNING I'm going to say some stupid words okay are you ready?)
I do not think your ready lets try again .....(funny or not?)
First word DUTY!-
Just so you know Kumquat is my favorite word ever
okay now I am going to ask you your favorite movies or t.v. shows Ready?
okay okay next I am going to need your info plz or not idrk lol
do you like Paris Hilton?
how about Miley Cyrus?
I don't like either I'm just wondering (back to you)
do you have 10 fingers?
do you like animals cuddling with you?
do you like simple plan?
do you like to watch people fall?
do you ever drool on yourself?
Don't be ashamed I do too
is your love just a lie?
who is your fave actor or singer?
fave actress or singer?
do you ever wish you were famous?
ever wonder what animals thought of you?
ever want to drink someones blood?
do you like taco bell?
HEY I KNOW we can play a game Truth or dare :P
okay If someone dared you to drink a gallon of milk would you do it ?
what if some one asked you your deepest darkest secret would you tell 'em?
would you walk through a drive through?
Tell one pesron that you liked them even if you didn't?
okay I'm bored again and that makes me think soo it's time for___________
fill in the blank loves
I saw....
I am currently...
Your momma is.....
pencils are.....
I like....
Barbies are...
I have __________ toes
I have a ......
no one else has my ........
I have__________ pericings
my arms......
I dislike___________
I love _______________
I ______________ long finger nails
Don't cha wish your ____________ was hot like _______
did I fool you ... ummm this or that
YaY or WoW?
Happy or Sad?
Taco bell or Burger king
T.v. or computer?
History or Math?
Past or Present?
Cuteness or Brains?
This or that Band style :]
Simple plan Vs Paramore
Puddle of mudd VS Beastie boys
Panic at the disco VS Good Charolette
Blink 182 VS 30 Seconds to mars
My chemical romacance VS The used
Three days grace VS New found glory
Plain white T's VS Cartel
Chevelle VS Jimmy eats world
Maroon 5 VS 3 Doors down
Katy Perry VS P!nk
Metro station VS Buckcherry
Fall out boy VS Cobra starship
Gym class heroes VS All american regects
Thats All I'll miss you BYE!!!!!!