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Author: meanxgrlsxcryx2
Created: August 27, 2008
Taken: 14 times
Rated: G

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suuurveeeyyy! take it

Created by meanxgrlsxcryx2 and taken 14 times on Bzoink
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Would you rather...
get stabbed in the eye with a pen or a pencil?
be the annoyed or the annoyance?
not eat meat ever again or eat only meat for the rest of your life?
listen to rock or rap?
listen to country or rock?
listen to rap or country?
go to a party where you dont know anyone or everyone there hates you?
be a boy or a girl?
write or type a report?
go backstage at a concert but not hear the concert or hear but no backstage
call somone or text them?
instant message or text?
dump your best friend or be dumped by your best friend?
eat with a fork or spoon?
kill one person and be cought or kill a million people and not cought?
buy a cd or burn it?
be a dentist or a doctor?
write on lined or unlined paper?
be famous for something good but boring or bad but fun?
everynight for a month eat two whole pizzas or only one bite?
would you ever.. (tell why or why not too!)
rob a bank?
go to a coutry concert?
run away?
cheat on your bf/gf?
give up your best friend for 5 billion dollars?
give up your ipod (and all the music on it) for $1000?
go back and be a kid forever?
skip your child hood and be 30?
kill an innocent animal?
hate someone just because theyr different?
sleep in bed with a total stranger?
join a band?
wear real fur?
stay up for a week straight to take care of the one you love?
work two jobs?
kiss someone of the same sex? (on the lips)
commit suicide?
be mean to a stranger for no reason at all?
do drugs?
want to live in a different time?
go out in public looking like you do right now?
weeelll how was the quiz?