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About This Survey

Author: xpancakeprincessx
Created: August 25, 2008
Taken: 847 times
Rated: PG

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Created by xpancakeprincessx and taken 847 times on Bzoink
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B a s ii c s
Nick Name(s)
Star Sign
Birth Stone
Shoe Size
Ring Size
Clothes Size
Would you rather be fatter or skinner?
Where do you live?
Do you like where you live?
Are you at school/college?
Current level of education?
Three things you L o v e...
Three things you H a t e...
L o v e <3
Are you single?
If so, why?
Longest relationship?
Do you want to get married?
Do you think you'll be married within 10 years?
Would you prefer a simple or big flashy wedding?
Do you want to have children?
Do you think you'll have children in 10 years time?
Kissed someone in the rain?
Been on holiday JUST you and your boyfriend?
Have you ever said 'I love you' and not meant it?
Do you trust your current boyfriend/girlfriend?
Would you prefer being in a relationship or single?
Has your current boyfriend/girlfriend hurt you in any way?
Do you argue?
Are you comfortable around your current boyfriend/girlfriend?
Is life easier without a boyfriend/girlfriend?
Ever bathed with a member of the opposite sex?
Are you a virgin?
R a n d o m
What's inside your bag?
How much money is currently in your wallet/purse?
Are you a jealous person?
Most missed memory?
Most expensive thing someones bought for you (not including family members)
Favourite family member?
Number of siblings?
Do you have a job?
Do you have a car?
Ever ran over an animal?
Can you do the splits?
Do you have a ring that covers your entire finger?
What's the weirdest name you've heard of?
Ever found a stray animal?
Is your hair naturally wavey?
What are you listening to right now?
What type of phone do you have?
Do you want a new phone?
Is your phone pay-as-you-go or contract?
Do you like expensive things?
Do you have any scars?
What's the most stupid thing you've done when drunk?
What's been you most perfect day so far?
Do you collect anything?
What's your current worry?
Ever been on the absolute opposite side of the world?
Do you shave your face regularly?
Do you shave your legs regularly?
Are you clothes mostly loose or tight fitting?
T r a v e l
When was the last time you went on a plane?
When will be the next time you're going on a plane?
Ever been on a ferry?
Longest you've been on a plane?
Amount of airports you have been to?
Worst place?
Best place?
Best spa/water park?
Worst poverty?
Favourite destinations/places within your own country?
Best ocean you've swum in?
Best ocean you've snorkelled/dived in?
Would you consider travelling alone?
Would you consider living in another country?
What type of holiday/place would you not like to go on/to?
Ever been backpacking or Hiking?
Longest holiday you've been on?
Name three places you would like to go where you've not yet been..
Ever helped UNICEF?
<< H a v e . Y o u . E v e r >>
Wished on a star?
Seen a shooting star?
Made a snow angel?
Fallen down some stairs?
Been to prison?
Skipped school?
Had detention?
Been in a fistfight?
Been in love?
Cheated on someone?
Been cheated on?
Done drugs?
Walked alone at night?
Writen a letter to Santa?
Glued your hand to something?
Been pushed/chucked in a pool?
Ate sushi?
Dyed your hair?
Broke a mirror?
Written backwards?
->T h ii s .or. T h a t<-
Gold or Silver
Pearl or Opal
Tropical or Marine (tank)
Hot or Cold
Pink or Blue
Meat or Veg
Fruit or Veg
Beer or Wine
1-Piece or 2-Piece (swimsuit)
Love or Lust
Love or Money
Together or Alone
Girly or Boyish
Ocean or Beach
Surprise or Planned
Spend or Save
Dark or Milk (chocolate)
Vintage or Modern
Night or Day
Summer or Winter
Hot Topic or Hollister
Hugs or Kisses
City or Country
Lip Gloss or Lipstick
Dominos or Pizza Hut
Family or Friends
Texts or Calls
Tent or Hotel
Relax or Party
Night-in or Night-out
Early Rise or Lay-in
Sunrise or Sunset
Tea or Coffee
__In >y o u r< R o O m__
What colour is it?
Who's in the pictures/photo frames?
Is there a computer?
A phone line?
Is your room tidy?
Anything under your bed?
Anything on your bed?
What's on your bedside table?
Any posters?
Is there clothing in random places?
What are the bed sheets/covers like?
Who sleeps in your bed besides you?
What are you curtains/blinds like?
What is your light/lampshade like?
_+ F a v o u r ii t e s +_
Board Game
Fast Food
TV Soap
Ice-Cream Flavour
Pizza Topping
Clothing Store
Shoe Brand
Make-up Brand
Baby Girl Name
Baby Boy Name
__R a ii n b o w__
R e d
Closest red thing to you?
Do you have a temper?
Are you a fan of romance?
O r a n g e
Closest orange thing to you?
Are you a fan of fire?
Do you have anything against ginger people?
Y e l l o w
Closest yellow thing to you?
What makes you smile?
Do you burn or tan?
W h i t e
Closest white thing to you?
Would you say you're innocent?
Do you always try to keep the peace?
B l u e
Closest blue thing to you?
Do you like the sea?
Are you logical thinker?
G r e e n
Closest green thing to you?
Do you care about the environment?
Are you a lucky person?
P u r p l e
Closest purple thing to you?
Do you like being treated to expensive things?
Are you creative?
P i n k
Closest pink thing to you?
Do you like sweet foods?
Are you sensitive?
B l a c k
Closest black thing to you?
Do you have a lot of secrets?
Are you afraid of death?
And finally...
Your p e r s o n a l views on the f o l l o w i n g ...
Sex before marriage?
Life after Death?
Council Estates?
Death Penalty?
Under-Age Sex?
Under-Age Smoking?
Teenage Pregnancy?
Illegal Immigrants?
Internet Relationships?
World Poverty?
Meat/Slaughtering of animals?
& now the end (=