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Author: alex-luvs-the-bosox
Created: August 22, 2008
Taken: 325 times
Rated: G

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Random. For All You Silly Bananas. I PROMISE... good questions!

Created by alex-luvs-the-bosox and taken 325 times on Bzoink
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Are your friends virgins?
Randomly play a song from ur iTunes. What's ur fave part of that song?
Its Fri. night and ur grounded. Why?
What state do you always forget exists?
In your opinion, what sport requires the most skill?
Is there really one person in every group of friends that nobody likes?
If u had 2 be a teacher, which ones of urs would u most wanna be like?
What's the coolest last name you have ever heard of?
Have u ever attempted to break a world record?
Do you ever yell at the TV even tho the ppl cant hear you?
Do you live in a place where cow-tipping is popular?
Which country's accent drives you the craziest?
What's the name of the grocery store closest to your house?
Even tho Bob Barker is gone, would u still wanna be on the Price is Right?
Do u think shows like The Hills are really "unscripted?"
What would u do if a cop rear-ended you?
Which phone network has the best commercials?
Do you think that the Chinese gymnasts in the Olympics were illegal?
Is there anything ur known for... like a trademark?
What's the best racist joke you've ever heard?
If you could spell ur name ne way, how would u spell it?
Have you ever experienced a snow day?
Think of the ppl you know. Who is most likely to star in a porno?
What's the craziest thing you've ever done in a drive thru?
Would you buy someone else's gold medal?
Whats the most embarassing thing you've done in front of a crush?
If u have a job, what's ur least favorite part about it?
Have you ever trashed a hotel room?
Have you ever wondered what made someone choose the career they have?
Name the most uncomfortable place u have ever slept.
Is your first best friend still your best friend?
If u lilke Dane Cook, what is ur favorite sketch of his?
Is there a game you always love to play when ur on long road trips?
Does Sudoku confuse the hell out of you?
You get kicked out of class? What's the most probable reason?
Have you ever actually seen someone get stuck in a locker?
Do you think that u will still have ur same myspace when ur 40+?
Who is all around more talented: Michael Phelps or Tiger Woods?
Do you prefer using self-checkout at stores?
What was the first 18-yr-old activity u did when u turned 18?
Where is the coolest place you have ever been to see a concert?
What's the largest amnt of money u have lost gambling?
Which big sporting event is ur fave? (World Series, Stanley Cup, etc)
Have you ever won a radio contest?
Y do ppl buy songs off iTunes when they can use Limewire 4 free?
Which famous landmark is the most overrated?
Are you disappointed with the way the Olsen Twins turned out?
Do u think you have to be a virgin to wear white at ur wedding?
So will YOU be wearing white? ;)
If u could make a new Sims game wut would the theme be? (superstar,hotdate)
What do you think of ppl who work at Hooters?
What celebrity would u line up days in advance to meet?
Which do u think is scarier: hurricanes or earthquakes?
In ur contacts list, do u use ppl's names or give nicknames?
Which company/organization has the coolest logo?
If you could rename ne sports team, who would u choose?
What would u rename them?
Did you pull off a senior prank?
Which olympic sport is the funniest to watch?
Do u know the words to ne other nat'l anthem besides ur own country's?
Do u think snowflake shaped Ritz crackers taste better?
What would be the best thing about being a twin?
Hope you enjoyed it. whores. (: