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Author: lannamama
Created: August 21, 2008
Taken: 61 times
Rated: PG

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Created by lannamama and taken 61 times on Bzoink
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Number 1
what is number one's name?
is it a girl or boy?
what are they too you?
what would you do if they moved?
would you go to jail for them?
have you and number 1 ever made out?
does this person have an AIM,Yahoo,Msn?
did you hang out with this person today?
if so what did you do?
how meny times have you and number 1 gotten in a fight?
do they like being with you?
have you ever hugged number 1?
is number 1 white or black?
do you think they will read this?
Number 2.
is this person a girl or boy?
are they a best friend?
does this person like tampons?
is this person asain?
if this person asked you to have sex with them would you?
how old are they?
would you re-do there room for them?
do they carry a purse?
do they like old people?
are they weird?
do you enjoy being with them?
does this person masterbate?
do they often use (ROFL,LMAO,LMFAO,LOL) when they talk to you?
is this perosn a virign?
Number 3
what is he/she name?
are they a boy or girl?
if they got a boner would you care?
what if you found condoms in thier drower?
would you swim with this person?
is this person ffat or thin?
can they keep a secret?
are they honest?
are they on the computer alot?
do they go outside?
do they hang out with you?
are they a family member?
are they french?
do they like fries?
Number 4
is this perosn a boy/girl?
whats his or her name?
do they use smiley faces when they talk to you?
have they ever backstabbed you?
are they single?
do you hang out with them alot?
is it fun?
do they ever make fun of you?
have you ever fist faught them?
do they go to your school?
do they stay up late?
have you ever herd them snore?
ever herd them fart?