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About This Survey

Author: reinventlove
Created: August 20, 2008
Taken: 169 times
Rated: G

Panic At The Disco

Created by reinventlove and taken 169 times on Bzoink
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Who Is Your Favourite Memeber Of The Band?
Why Is The Above Person Your Favourite Member?
What Is Your Favourite Song Off Of A Fever You Can't Sweat Out?
What Is Your Favourite Song Off Of Pretty. Odd.?
Which Album Do You Prefer?
Do Prefer Jon Or Brent?
Who's Vocals Are Better Ryan's Or Brendon's?
Are Panic At The Disco Your Favourite Band?
If Not, Who?
When Did You First Discover Panic?
What Was Your First Song?
What Was Your First Video?
What is Your Favourite Panic Song?
What is Your Favourite Video?
Panic Are Better Live Or On The Albums?
If Your Favourite Is Live, Which Song Do They Perfom The Best?
Have You Seen Them Live?
If So, How Many Times And During Touring For Which Album?
Have You Heard Any Of Their Covers?
If So, Which Is Your Favourite?