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Author: peacexandxcarcrashes
Created: August 19, 2008
Taken: 22 times
Rated: G

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Spill and Tell

Created by peacexandxcarcrashes and taken 22 times on Bzoink
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Spill 5 wishes
Wish one
Wish two
Wish three
Wish four
Wish five
Spill 5 quotes
Quote one
Quote two
Quote three
Quote four
Quote five
Spill 5 people who mean the most to you
Person one
Person two
Person three
Person four
Person five
Spill 5 songs that explain who you are, or what you've been through or want
Song one
Song two
Song three
Song four
Song five
Spill 5 goals
Goal one
Goal two
Goal three
Goal four
Goal five
Tell 5 things good about you
Trait one
Trait two
Trait three
Trait four
Trait five
Tell 5 bad things about you
Trait one
Trait two
Trait three
Trait four
Triat five
Tell five anythings
Anything one
Anything two
Anything four
Anything five
Spill&Tell questions
Do you live for and in the moment?
Introvert or Extrovert?
Nervous habbit/s?
Are you the neighbor next door or the city stream?
What's the most hilarious moment with one of your friends?
Cheat or have cheated?
Ever wanted to be on a dating show?
Which of the deadly sing are you most like?