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Author: primetime0519
Created: August 16, 2008
Taken: 191 times
Rated: G

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Cell Phone

Created by primetime0519 and taken 191 times on Bzoink
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Phone Basics & Capabilities
cell provider?
cell model?
txting ability?
camera phone?
flip, slide, regular?
pay as you go, pay and talk, plan?
how much a month on average?
rather txt or call?
voicemail ability?
call display option?
last four digits of your number?
Number of Txts and Calls
how many dialed calls?
how many received calls?
how many missed calls?
how many incomming txt messages?
how many txt messages in outbox?
any in drafts?
who's your first dialed call?
and the last dialed call?
how about the eleventh?
or the twenty-fifth?
A Little Off Topic
ringtone for unknown numbers?
any personalized ringtone?
Calls Continued
who's the third missed call?
what about the seventeenth?
the eighth?
the fifth?
the tenth?
and the thirty-ith?
your most common caller?
the fourth incomming call from?
and the very recent?
from your inbox, name the second txt message and the sender.
the fifteenth as well.
also, the eighteenth.
aaaaand the twenty-fourth.
twenty-sixth if you don't mind.
fourty-third too.
don't forget number seventy-five.
number ninety-three if you have one.
one oh five.
now for your outbox, let's see number three. what's it say and who's it
number five too.
hmm lucky number ten.
numero douze (12)
thirteen. (such a good movie btw.)
twenty eight.
and the very last one.
that's it; that's all.