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Author: candiceee08
Created: August 15, 2008
Taken: 206 times
Rated: G

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everything about you!

Created by candiceee08 and taken 206 times on Bzoink
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what's your name?
what are you listening to right now?
what did your last msg say?
who was it from?
what grade are you in?
what school do you go to?
who is your best friend?
do you love your friends?
who makes you smile the most?
who is the most athletic?
who do you talk to everyday?
can you tell your friends anything?
are they always there for you?
who helps you with things?
single or taken?
do you have a crush on anyone?
who is it?
does that person know?
does anyone know?
what do you look at first in the opposite sex?
what's one thing you really like about your crush?
have you ever:
done something really crazy?
stuck someone the middle finger?
hit someone?
said something that you didn't mean?
got a F on a test?
dyed your hair?
set something on fire?
this or that:
obama or mccain?
music or tv?
hollister or a&f?
rock or rap?
country or pop?
soda or water?
beach or pool?
burger king or mcdonald's?
sprite or mountain dew?
ice cream or frozen yogurt?
music genre?
place to eat?
tv show?
who made you smile?
did you see your crush?
go to school?
hit anyone?
did you laugh?
did you talk to your best friend?
was today a good day?
what are you doing this weekend?
does your shirt say anything?
do you like to sing?
do you like to smile?
what about laugh?
what is something you're looking forward to?
do you usually talk a lot?
do you like mtv or vh1?
do you watch the olympics?
is there any song stuck in your head?
do you ever bite your nails?
are you thinking about anything right now?