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Author: janineb21
Created: August 6, 2008
Taken: 211 times
Rated: PG

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summer survey <3

Created by janineb21 and taken 211 times on Bzoink
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so lets start with your age?
boy or girl?
did you get a new BF/GF this summer?
did you make any new friends
make any friends with benifits ;)
have you been partying latly
how often do you get drunk in the summer
have you done anything illegal?
do you have a summer job?
have you gone on a shopping spree with the girls?
have you recieved a present from someone special
been caught sneakin out
have you slept in until 2pm
have you been running thru the rain this summer
gone camping?
please tell me you've gone to the beach this summer
have you got a nice tan going on
eaten so much ice cream you couldnt walk
have you made out with someone this summer
had sex with someone this summer
kissed someone you wouldnt have, if you wern't under the influence
have you stripped
have you got your drivers license this summer
broken a bone?
made any new memories
laughed so hard you cried
did you break your cell phone
have you gone fishing?
have you peed in a bush this summer
dis-obeyed your parents
this summer have you watched the clouds go by
had an insane photo shoot with your best friends
have you worn short shorts this summer?
have you went to the zoo this summer
im running out of questions, sorry they are getting gay
have you lost weight this summer?
gained weight?>
got sunburnt? i know i did
told you self, \
have you gotten into a fight this summer
kissed someone on the beach?
ive run outta questions,
i thought when i made this is was going to be wicked awesome
but it isnt, sorry, what did you think about it?