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Author: bippsy22rox
Created: August 3, 2008
Taken: 2 times
Rated: G

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no one knows =)

Created by bippsy22rox and taken 2 times on Bzoink
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do u have friends
do u live in the country or city
do u have and brothers
does he have any hott friends
what is his best friends name
how about his second
does he have a gf
whats his name
do u have a sister
whats her name
does she have friends
whats her name
do u have any cats
dogs ?
have u ever
had any turtals
been to the mall
been to lake george
been to maine
fenway park ?
a soccer game
a baseball game
on a farm
lived on a farm
a amusement park
to the ocean
a race of some sort
do u play
play soccer
base ball
feild hocky
do u l
have a cell
tv in ur room
whats the last
truck u were in
soda u drank
pet u petid
bank u went to
word u said
Who is the last person
u saw playin bball
playin lacross
lite off fire works
that worked at mcdonalds
that had sweat pants on
do u know
a hot muffin man !
a ur moms madin name and what is it