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Author: alienxmars
Created: August 3, 2008
Taken: 23 times
Rated: G

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your last IM

Created by alienxmars and taken 23 times on Bzoink
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You Last IM Convo:
what was it on (aim/yahoo/msn/etc)?
what is your screenname?
what is the last person u talked to sn?
what is there first & last name?
how do you know him/her?
what are they to you?
Questions About You's Two:
are you friends?
do you like them, like them?
whens the last time you've seen them?
do they go to your school?
how old are they?
do you know their birthday?
are they nice?
Have You Ever:
liked/loved this person?
hungout with them?
kissed them?
hugged them?
slapped them?
had inside jokes with them?
hated them?
done illegal stuff with them?
dated them?
promised them something?
-did you keep your promise?
eaten food around them?
been in their classes?
lost touch with them?
dated one of their friends?
dated one of their siblings?
fought with them?
been swimming with them?
done something you regret with them?
watched a movie with them?
cuddled with them?
met someone through them?
gotten them beat up?
they ever gotten you beat up?
drank with them?
smoke with them?
done drugs with them?
held hands with them?
been in their classes?
How Much Do You Know About Them:
what is their full first name?
their middle name?
their last name?
how old are they?
whens their birthday?
what elementary school did they go to?
what middle school?
what high school?
what do they love?
do they do drugs?
do they smoke ciggarettes?
do they drink?
do they play sports?
what kinda music do they like?
whats their favorite color?
where do they go to school?
are you's friends?
do you's date?
do you wanna date them?
do they call you for help?
do you think they'll read this?