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About This Survey

Author: shelbylynngraham
Created: July 31, 2008
Taken: 303 times
Rated: G

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The All About You Myspace 08 Survey

Created by shelbylynngraham and taken 303 times on Bzoink
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[ Getting to know you ]
Shoe Size:
[ Your favourites ]
TV Show:
Day of the week:
Time of day:
Pizza Topping:
Chip Flavour:
[ This or That ]
Chocolate or Vanilla:
Day or Night:
Black or White:
Fork or Spoon:
TV or Computer:
Pepsie or Dr.Pepper:
Boy or Girl:
Hugs or Kisses:
Mom or Dad:
Flowers or Candy:
Dog or Cat:
Myspace or MSN:
Me or You:
This or That:
[ Your Friends ]
Boy # 1:
Boy # 2:
Girl # 1:
Girl # 2:
Why did you choose Boy # 1:
Why did you choose Boy # 2:
Why did you choose Girl # 1:
Why did you choose Girl # 2:
Best friend's name:
Why is he/she your best friend:
Worst enemies name:
Why is he/she your worst enemy:
Do you have a lot of friends:
Do you have a lot of enemies:
[ Your Room ]
Do you have a TV:
How about a DVD player:
How many mirrors do you have:
Do you have a closet:
How many windows:
Do you have a couch:
How many doors:
Do you have carpet or hard wood:
Are your walls painted:
How about wall papered:
Any posters hanging up:
Do you like your room:
Do you want to change it:
What do you want to add/take away:
[ Your Best Friend ]
Does he/she know everything about you:
Can you trust him/her with anything/everything:
Would you trust him/her with your life:
Do you tell him/her everything:
Are you close with him/her:
How did you become friends:
How long have you been friends:
Have you ever hated him/her:
Have you ever loved him/her:
What would you change about him/her:
Do you talk to him/her the most:
Is your bestfriend single:
Is he/she older or younger then you:
Do you hope to be best friends forever:
[ Get Your Cell Phone ]
Is your inbox empty:
How about your outbox:
Who was your last missed call:
Who was your last recieved call:
Who was your last dialed call:
Who was your last text from:
What did it say:
Who is the first person under your 'G' contacts:
Who is the first person under 'S':
Who is the first person under 'B':
How many contacts do you have:
Who do you text the most:
Who do you call the most:
What kind of a phone do you have:
[ Saying Goodbye ]
How do you usually end off a conversation:
What's your favourite way to end off a conversation:
Are you usually the first one to say goodbye:
Do you ever say 'see ya' when ending a convo:
How about 'ttyl':
How about 'g2g'
Have you ever said this outside of an IM chat:
Were you embarassed:
We're almost done:
Is this survey starting to annoy you:
What did you like about this survey:
What did you hate about this survey:
Did you like this survey:
Will you ever take another one of my surveys: