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Author: lbp116
Created: July 28, 2008
Taken: 542 times
Rated: G

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Top 15 Friends Survey

Created by lbp116 and taken 542 times on Bzoink
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♦Your Top 15 Friends♦
What color eyes does 14 have?
Do you and 9 have similar taste in music?
Would you let 2 drive your car?
Would you go to 5's birthday party?
Have you ever changed clothes in front of 6?
What would you think if 4 and 13 secretly got married
If 8 and 10 had a baby what would it look like?
What if 2 told you they were pregnant (or had gotten someone pregnant) ?
Have you ever met 12's parents?
Have you ever been jealous of 5?
When is the last time you saw 14?
What would 12 look like with black hair?
Have you ever seen 10 without a shirt on?
Would it be awkward to sleep in the same bed as 5?
Have you ever met 11's parents?
When is the last time you saw 15?
Would you be embarrassed if you saw 5 in their underwear?
Have you ever eaten food that 4 cooked?
Will 3 be a good parent?
Have you ever heard 6 sing?
What if you found out that 5 was really your brother/sister?
Would it be awkward to sleep in the same bed as 13?
If 3 and 4 had a baby what would it look like?
Would it be embarrassing if 4 saw you in your underwear?
Would you trust 1 to cut your hair?
How old was 6 when you first met them?
Would 7 look good with blonde hair?
Have you ever seen 2 dance?
Would it be funny if 5 and 10 wore each other's clothes?
Have you kissed any of them? If so, who?
Does 15 have any siblings?
Do you and 13 like the same kind of movies?
Do 2 and 12 know each other?
What if 6 and 15 dated?
Have you ever seen 11 in a swinsuit?
Does 4 get mad easily?
If you and 7 were in a fight who would win?
Have you ever heard 1 cuss?