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Author: punkrocksurveys
Created: July 17, 2008
Taken: 79 times
Rated: G

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A Create Your Own Concert!!(Customize Your Fanasty Concert With Your Favorite Bands)

Created by punkrocksurveys and taken 79 times on Bzoink
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The Band Line Up (You Can Have Up To 10 Bands Or Less)
1st Band:
2nd Band:
3rd Band:
4th Band
5th Band:
6th Band:
7th Band:
8th Band
9th Band
10th Band:
How Long Will Each Play?
1st Band:
2nd Band:
3rd Band:
4th Band:
5th Band:
6th Band:
7th Band:
8th Band:
9th Band:
10th Band:
When Will The Concert Start And End( Estimate Ending)
How Much Will Tickets Cost And How Many Are Availble?
Ticket Price:
How Many Tickets Are There:
What Other Forms Of Entertainment Will Be There?
1st( Skateboarders, Comedians, Celebraties):
Is It Outdoor, Indoor, And Will There Be A Bar?
Outdoor Or Indoor:
Is There A Bar:
Who Will Come Out And Start The Concert( Celebraties Or You Can)
Whos Gonna Start This Concert:
What Will Your Concert Be Called And What Season Will It Happen In?
Concert Name: