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Author: slipknot09724
Created: January 23, 2005
Taken: 54 times
Rated: PG

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about you

Created by slipknot09724 and taken 54 times on Bzoink
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whats the most embarrasing thing you've ever done?
whats your most memorable experiance?
what do you regreate doing the most?
what is the most crasiest thing you have ever done?
whats your favorite band or singer?
rock or rap?
are you single?
if not, how long have you been togeather with your boyfriend/girlfrind
are you straight?
do you play any sports?
who is your best friend?
whats your favorite movie?
cell phone or pager?
are you a virgin?
are you shy or outgoing?
have you ever been to the emergancy room?
if so, what for?
whast your favoirte drink?
have you ever did any type of drug?
have you ever tried killing yourslef?
whats your favorite color
whats your lucky number?
are you a prep,skater or a goth?
have you ever been to a concert?
if so, were you in a mosh pit?
have you ever crowd surfed?
do you belive in god?
what is your biggest fear?
whats your favorite store?
whats your favorite food?