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Author: megan1117
Created: June 18, 2008
Taken: 343 times
Rated: PG

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Things people would actually want to know..

Created by megan1117 and taken 343 times on Bzoink
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The Basics!
Age Now:
Current Location:
Hair Color:
Eye Color:
Lefty or Righty:
Random Questions!
Do you think your life is good so far:
Any regrets:
Ever been in love:
Ever been engaged:
Ever been married:
Believe in love at first sight:
Been in love:
Kiss on the first date:
Sex on the first date:
Believe in love at first sight:
Miss anyone:
Want to tell someone something that you cant:
Alcoholic Drink:
Vacation Spot:
Day of the week:
Football Team:
Baseball Team:
Hockey Team:
Have You Ever.......
Been out of the country:
Been on a plane:
If so, To where?:
Been on a train?:
If so, To where?:
Gotten a tattoo:
If so, how many?:
Where are they at?:
Gotten into a car accident:
If so, Whos fault was it?:
Been in love:
If so, Was it real:
Who was it?:
Been so drunk you have thrown up:
Gotten a DUI:
Been out of state:
If so, to how many different ones:
In the opposite sex......
Eye color:
Hair Color:
Cut Short or Long:
Skinny or Muscular:
Younger or Older:
Hot or Cute:
Body Type:
Skater or Prep:
More Randoms....
If a magic potion could make someone love you, would you slip it to them?
What if a potion could make your enemy miserable?
If your bf/gf had to move out of state, would you leave your family?
Is abortion ever an option?
A parent confides in you that they are gay. Now how do you view gay rights?
A loved one on life support for years, could you finally let them go?
You are on life support, what would you want a loved one to do about it?
A friend just fell over a very high bridge, do you jump to save them?
Do you have/want kids?
What have you/will you name them?
What do you think are 3 things that can destroy a person?