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Author: gadgiecat13
Created: April 17, 2008
Taken: 228 times
Rated: G

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A-Z Survey

Created by gadgiecat13 and taken 228 times on Bzoink
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What are you allergic to?
Do you have arachnophobia?
Do you bite your nails?
Name one thing that would make your life better.
How many brothers do you have?
Do you like cats?
When was the last time you went to church?
Do you always use a coaster?
What is your favorite mixed drink?
Tell me about the last dream you remember.
What was the last thing that disgusted you?
What is your favorite thing about elephants?
Have you ever had any edible underwear?
Have you ever had an ear infection?
What do you think the future holds for you?
Tell me about your friends.
When was the last time you had french fries?
How do you feel about grey?
Would you consider yourself graceful?
Who is the most greedy person you know?
If you had a horse, what color would you want it to be?
Do you hate anyone?
What is your hair like?
Are you an introvert?
What are you interested in?
And what are you indifferent toward?
Tell me a funny joke.
Do you own anything juniper scented?
Would you consider naming your child Jack?
Where was your very first kiss?
Is there anyone you would like to kill?
Have you ever been near a kangaroo?
Have you ever swam in a lake?
When is the last time you wrote an actual letter?
Last song you listened to?
How do you feel about Micky Mouse?
Do you listen to Marilyn Manson?
What is your favorite month?
Spell your middle name backwards.
How do you get to Never-Never-Land?
When's the last time you felt like you were in the middle of nowhere?
Do you listen to opera?
Are you organized?
Do you tend to overeat?
What are your plans for tomorrow?
Do you own any purple clothes?
When is the last time you were on a plane?
Do you want to quit smoking?
Do you like to have peace and quiet?
Oh no, you stepped into quicksand! What do you do now?
Have you ever been to a rodeo?
What's hanging from your rearview mirror?
Who is at the top of your recent calls list?
Would you ever own a snake?
When is the last time you smiled?
What is your favorite flavor of smoothie?
Who is your favorite teacher?
Trick or treat?
Have you ever ridden on a train?
What is under your bed?
What color is your umbrella?
Have you ever wanted a pet unicorn?
Have you ever had a run-in with a vicious animal?
Do you do much volunteer work?
Does your room have a good view?
Have you ever thrown money into a wishing well?
What is your favorite type of weather?
Have you ever been inside a windmill?
Why did you last have to be x-rayed?
How many X chromosomes do you have?
Have you ever been on a xebec?
When did you last yell?
Do you still feel young?
Do you know anyone who owns a yacht?
Would you rather walk a straight line, or a zig-zagged one?
When was the last time you went to the zoo?
Do you think you would enjoy zero-gravity?