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Author: stephanie426
Created: March 19, 2008
Taken: 299 times
Rated: PG

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Created by stephanie426 and taken 299 times on Bzoink
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Do you still believe that there is a Easter Bunny?
What is your favorite jelly bean flavor?
Do you still get easter baskets?
What would u do if u caught someone dressed in a bunny costume in ur house?
Did you leave anything out for the Easter Bunny to eat when u were a kid?
Honestly..how long did it take for you to find your easter basket?
Whats the wierdest place you found your easter basket?
Were you scared of the Easter Bunny?
Are you going to dye easter eggs this year?
Whats the purpose of the fake green grass?
Whats the coolest thing that you ever got in your easter basket?
What is your favorite easter candy?
Why does the bunny have long ears?
Does he have big teeth as well?
Do you consider easter to be a real holiday?