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Author: xxicedtiaxx
Created: March 1, 2008
Taken: 302 times
Rated: G

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General Survey

Created by xxicedtiaxx and taken 302 times on Bzoink
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Middle Name:
Hair color:
Hair style:
Eye shape:
Eye color:
Skin color:
Best physical feature:
Worst physical feature:
Long or short eyelashes:
Big or thin lips:
One or two eyebrows:
Face shape:
Your thoughts about yourself
Good-looking or ugly:
Fat or thin:
Tall or short:
Intelligent or doofus:
Calm or obnoctous:
Normal or unique:
Plain or creative:
Blank or imaginitive:
Masculine or feminine:
Optomistic or pesimistic:
Cheery or depressed:
Health freak or junk-food-junky:
Active or lazy:
Leader or follower:
Straight or confused:
Single or taken:
Bitter or sweet:
Favorite color:
Favorite food:
Favorite hobby:
Favorite sport:
Favorite song:
Favorite show:
Favorite movie:
Favorite genre:
Favorite fast-food:
Favorite normal restraunt:
Favorite time of day:
Favorite season:
Favorite holiday:
Favorite guilty pleasure:
Favorite game for system (ps2, computer game, etc.):
Favorite fun-spot:
Favorite person:
Favorite clothing brand:
Favorite perfume/cologne scent:
Favorite store:
Favorite school subject:
This or That
Apples or bananas:
Weekdays or weekends:
Day or night:
Health foods or sweets:
Blue or red:
Redsox or yankees:
Long walks or bike rides:
Friends or family:
Chocolate or vanilla:
Yoga or pilates:
Cartoons or real characters:
Beauty or smarts:
Love or money:
Skirts or pants:
Blonds or brunettes:
White milk or flavored milk:
Cats or dogs:
Partying or studying:
Reading or writing:
Indoors or outdoors:
Warm weather or cold weather:
Rainbow or chocolate sprinkles:
Warm or cold breakfast:
Excercising or sleeping:
Singing or dancing:
Daily Life:
First thoughts waking up:
Usual breakfast:
Morning routine:
You look forward to:
Your signature scent:
People you usually spend time with:
Place your usually at:
What you hate most about your day:
Usual lunch:
Hobbies you do:
Time spent working out:
You're always thinking about:
Your plans are usually:
Show you have to watch:
Daily chores:
Shoes you usually wear:
Certain clothes brand:
Thing you do most of on a lazy day:
Biggest goal in life:
Biggest fear in life:
Friend that calls you the most:
What you do after school/work:
Best way to spend an afternoon:
Time you go to sleep on a weekend:
Something you must do before bed:
Thoughts before going to sleep: