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Author: iamshawnaa
Created: February 17, 2008
Taken: 174 times
Rated: G

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42 pointless things that people don't need to know about you :]

Created by iamshawnaa and taken 174 times on Bzoink
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During Christmas, do you guys get a fake tree or a real one?
Do you ever use febreeze? and on what?
What do you use your cellphone for mainly?
Are you using a laptop or a desktop?
Does your family actually use the dining room table?
Where are you at this exact moment in time?
Do you use pen more or pencil?
On Valentine's day, did you spend time with a significant other?
Do you use xanga? facebook?
Do you spin in your computer chair because you're a dork?
What kind of smileys do you use?
What do you want to be when you grow up?
Do surveys bother you?
What kind of ipod do you have?
Is your toothbrush electric?
Whose songs are catchier; ne-yo or usher?
Does bad grammar bother you?
What's your aim screenname? If you have one.
Do you like msn?
Do you like the smell of axe?
Name one really weird fact about you:
What kind of accents do you think are fun to listen to?
Which is better; convertible or a truck?
What color is your cellphone?
If your birthday is coming up, what do you want?
What do you usually do for New Year's?
What do you want to do for 4th of July?
Do you even KNOW what the 4th of July celebrates?
Do people talk about you a lot?
What as the last thing you just said?
What's your absolute favorite tv show?
What about your favorite band of all time?
Do you have OCD? If so, what things bother you?
Do you like windows vista?
Which holiday do you hate?
Which month is your favorite?
What kind of toothpaste do you use?
Do you think you're a good singer?
Why are you taking this survey, anyways?
Does shawty REALLY have them apple bottom jeans?
Did you notice that Flo Rida put together is Florida?
Does it bother you that this survey ends on 42 and not 50?