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Author: daizy62
Created: February 5, 2008
Taken: 880 times
Rated: G

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The Quick Answer Game

Created by daizy62 and taken 880 times on Bzoink
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On this first part, be honest, DON'T CHEAT & DON'T LOOK AHEAD.
Use a different person to answer each following question
Quick! First person to come to your mind:
Name someone you know who's name starts with a "M":
Name someone you know who is the same age as you:
Someone you shared a secret with:
Who was the last person to call you?
Someone you know who has the same color hair as you?
Now list those 6 people in the order you answered the previous questions
Now use those 6 people to answer these questions
Who have you know the longest?
Are you related to any of them?
Who is the tallest?
Who lives the closest to you?
How many of them have been to your house?
Are you older than any of them?
Who did you hang out with most recently?
Are you or have you dated any of them?
Do you go to school with any of them?
Who is the closest to you?
More Stuff
Who is older #2 or #5?
Who have you known longer #6 or #1?
Who is more likely to take risks #3 or #4?
Who did you talk to most recently #2 or #4?
Who is more likely to get a speeding ticket #6 or #5?
Who lives closer to you #1 or #3?
Who is this person currently dating?
Have you met this person's family?
Do they have any pets?
What color eyes does this person have?
How many times have you been to his/her house?
Do they have their driver's license?
What kind of car does this person drive?
Do they collect anything?
Are you taller or shorter than this person?
How did you meet?
Have you ever dated this person?
Do you know this person's middle name?
What is his/her birthday?
Are they older or younger than you?
Does this person know #2?
Ever done anything illegal with this person?
Have you ever gone to the movies together?
Do you live in the same town as this person?