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Author: -elizabeth-
Created: December 23, 2007
Taken: 207 times
Rated: PG

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Created by -elizabeth- and taken 207 times on Bzoink
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ur beautiful name is?
how old are yuu?
current location bbz?
eye colour?
height bbz?
size feet?
hair colour bbz?
taken or single?
are yuu a flirt?
current mood?
zodiac sign?
birth day?
parents still together?
colour yuur hair?
have tattoos?
have piercings?
do yuu have any other peircings except for yuur ears?
want more piercings?
know how to drive?
ever get off tha damn computer?
do yuu cry alot?
give luv bites?
do u smile a lot?
r u angry a lot?
been in a fist fight?
done a crime?
lied to some wun?
been in love bbz?
been in lust?
used some wun?
kicked some wun in tha nuts?
had sex?
held a gun?
stolen anything?
made out with just a friend?
cut yuur hair urself?
self harmed?
hurt some wun?
shower daily?
sing in the shower?
sing well?
want to have kids?
want to get married?
believe in yuurself?
like thunderstorms?
play an instrument?
speak another language?
get along with yuur parents?
get along wit yuur siblings?
do yuu judge people?
do u like long relationships?
can yuu roll ur tongue in a circle?
both ways?
do tha splits?
say the alphabet backwards?
write with both hands?
touch yuur nose with yuur tongue?
reach yuur elbow with yuur tongue?
yuu just tried?
write backwards?
count in another langauge?
do a handstand?
ride a bike?
last person who hugged yuu?
last person yu missed?
nxt person yuu'll see?
last person yuu spoke to?
nxt person yuu'll go on holiday with?
nxt place yuu will go?
last place yuu went?
whose house was yuu last at?
last place yuu got drunk?
last person to see yu cry?
last person who made yuu happy?
last person yuu had sex with?
last person yuu kissed?
last and nxt person yuu'll say yuu love?