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Author: brunettechick128
Created: December 23, 2007
Taken: 190 times
Rated: PG

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|*|*|*|Another Long Survey To Waste Time|*|*|*|

Created by brunettechick128 and taken 190 times on Bzoink
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|♥|♥|♥|The Usual Random Questions|♥|♥|♥
1. Where do you shop for clothes?:
2. Where do you shop for groceries?:
3. Do you think that people talk about you behind your back?:
4. When is the last time you had a sour gummy worm?:
5. What is your favorite fruit?:
6. If there was a fire, what would you get first?:
7. Do you have a picture of yourself doing a cartwheel?:
8. Have you ever tried to build something?:
9. Do you play with legos?:
10. Do you play with barbies?:
11. Who's your favorite disney princess?:
12. Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?:
13. Would you rather have blue skin or purple skin?:
14. Have you ever gotten a sunburn?
15. Have you eaten snow?:
16. Have you watched Star Wars, any of the six?:
17. Do you have a fuzzy pen?:
18. Do you fix your bed?:
19. What color are your bedsheets?:
20. Do you wear slippers?:
21. What is the coolest lamp you own?:
22. What's your favorite flower?:
23. Did you go or do you want to go to prom?:
24. What does your tissue box look like?:
25. Did you ever open a lemonade stand?:
26. Were you or are you in ballet?:
27. Do you listen to classical music?:
28. What's the longest book you've read?:
29. What smiley best represents you?:
30. Is your away message on?:
31. What's the weather like?:
32. What did you do?:
33. Have you eaten breakfast yet?:
34. What did you eat?:
35. What do you see when you like out the window or door?:
36. What do you plan to do for the rest of the day or tomorrow?:
|♥|♥|♥|THE END!!!|♥|♥|♥|