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Author: hcurrence
Created: November 28, 2007
Taken: 1,142 times
Rated: PG

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100 things to know

Created by hcurrence and taken 1142 times on Bzoink
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general info
full name backwards
hair color
righty or lefty
eye color
biggest fear
best physical feature
your greatest weakness
favorite thing to do on a day off (and your well rested)
favorite sport
favorite candy
favorite game to play
favorite movie
favorite story
favorite clothing store
favorite thing to eat for breakfest
this or that
sweet tea or unsweet
black or brown
chocolate or vanilla
veggies or fruit
showers or baths
trucks or suv's
single or group dates
hot or cold weather
boats or jet skii
white water rafting or skiing
do you
like popcorn
like desert
like chips
like fire
do drugs
do you like thunderstorms
in the past 6 months
been in a car wreak
been on a date
been in a relationship
been hiking
been hunting
been fishing
been shopping
been on a walk
been to a movie
have you ever or plan to
sky dive
skinny dip
take a road trip
go to canada
eat chocolate covered grass hoppers
take a cruise
play the lottery
buy a brand new car
buy a boat
have you ever
been drunk
been pulled over
laughed at
on an airplain
called a tease
in a fight
to the golden gate bridge
to an art show
number of
piercings you have
tatoos on your body
siblings you have
cars you have owned
pets you have owned
times you have had your heart broken
times you have you have broken hearts
things you regret
times you have cooked a succesful meal
the ideal mate
hair color
eye color
what length of hair
ideal mate should love
scary or funny movies
going out or staying in
cuddly or distant
cooking or going out to eat
dogs or cats
talking or listening
you prefer
ice cream or frozen yogurt
soup or salad
chicken or steak
jaw breakers or suckers
dark or milk chocolate
cereal or muffins
salt or pepper
ketchup or mustard
ranch or italian
appetizers or dessert