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Author: autumn-element
Created: November 19, 2007
Taken: 649 times
Rated: G

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Easy 175 Question Survey for the Bored

Created by autumn-element and taken 649 times on Bzoink
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.:About Me:.
Current Job?
Names & Ages of Siblings?
Parents still Together?
Names of your Pets?
.:About Your Friends:.
Friend #1
Friend #2
Friend #3
Friend #4
Friend #5
Friend #6
Friend #7
Friend #8
Friend #9
Friend #10
Ever dated any of these friends?
Have a crush on any of these friends?
Name Friend #1s favorite song
Name #2s favorite movie
Name #3s favorite food
Name #4s favorite candy
Name #5s favorite drink
Is #6 single or taken?
Did / Do you go to school with #7?
Is Friend #8 over the age of 21?
How long have you and #9 been friends?
How long have you known #10?
Meal of the Day?
Clothing Store?
Article of Clothing?
Board Game?
TV show?
Genre of Music? (ex. pop, rap, punk, ect.)
Movie Genre? (ex. comedy, horror, ect.)
Place to Go?
Place to Spend Time with Your Loved One?
Place to Spend Time with Your Best Friends?
Time of Day?
Day of the Week?
.:Description of Your Crush/Boyfriend/Husband:.
Eye Color?
Hair Color?
Long Hair, Short Hair, or In Between?
Short, Average, or Tall?
Do You Love Him / Her?
How Long Have You Guys Known Eachother?
Where Did You Guys Meet?
#1 Reason Why You Love Him / Her
Who is His / Her Best Friend?
Do You Get Along With His / Her Siblings?
Do You Get Along With His / Her Parents?
Does He / She Get Along With Your Siblings?
How about your parents?
Do You To Have A Song?
If So What Is It?
If You Don't... What should it be?
Do you guys fight a lot?
Did you guys not like eachother for a while?
Are people prejudice about your relationship?
This or That?
Coke or Pepsi?
McDonalds or Burger King?
Zaxby's or Chic-fil-a?
Breakfast or Lunch?
Lunch or Dinner?
Dessert or Snack?
Movies or TV shows?
TV or computer?
Music or Movies?
Cellphone or iPod?
Texting or IMing?
E-mail or IMing?
Myspace or Facebook?
Single or Taken?
Regular Lemonade or Strawberry Lemonade?
Lucky Charms or Fruity Pebbles?
Staples or Tape?
Dogs or Cats?
About A Girl or Hannah Montana?
Zoey 101 or The Suite Life?
Degrassi or Life With Derik?
The N or Disney Channel?
Cherry or Rasberry?
Strawberry or Blueberry?
Cherry or Strawberry?
Blueberry or Rasberry?
Spiders or Snakes?
Hoobastank or Switchfoot?
Chingy or Snoop?
Keane or DC4C (Death Cab For Cutie) ?
AC/DC or DC4C?
Taylor Swift or Carrie Underwood?
Akon or Sean Kingston?
High School Music 1 or 2?
Jesse Hutch or Zac Efron?
Vannessa Hudgens or Ashlee Tisdale?
Jessica or Ashlee Simpson?
Mary - Kate or Ashley Olsen?
Lindsey Lohan or Britney Spears?
MTV or VH1?
VH1 or Fuse?
Cartoon Network or Disney Channel?
Disneyworld or Disneyland?
Mickey or Minnie Mouse?
Pluto or Goofy?
Sun or Moon?
Stars or Clouds?
Night or Day?
Hot or Cold?
Sunny or Rainy?
Snowy or Sunny?
Ears or Nose Pierced?
3D or 4D?
2D or 3D?
2D or 4D?
Going to the Movies with your bff or bf?
Birthday Parties or Straight - Out Parties?
Ring Tones or Answer Tones?
Cingular or Verizon?
Shy or Outgoing?
Lotion or Perfume?
Gum or Mints?
Starbursts or Skittles?
Money or Happiness?
Finding your True Love or Becoming a Millionaire?
Nelly Furtado or Corinne Bailey Rae?
Timbaland or Santana?
Celery or Carrots?
Ginger or Ranch Dressing?
Italian or Ranch Dressing?
Vegtables or Fruits?
Regular Milk or Chocolate Milk?
2% milk or skim milk?
pools or oceans?
penguins or monkeys?
Sephora or Bath & Body Works?
Watching a movie at the Movie Theater or Home?
Hot Dogs or Hamburgers?
Mustard or Ketchup?
Mayo or Ketchup?
Mayo or Mustard?
Honey Mustard or Honey Nut Cheerios?
Chex or Capn Crunch?
Peanut Butter or Berry Capn Crunch?
PB&J or Ham Sandwich?
Urban or Rural?
Planes or Trains?
Trains or Automobiles?
Planes or Automobiles?
The Notebook or Bridge To Terabithia?
Sound of Music or High School Musical?