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Author: intoodeep48
Created: October 19, 2007
Taken: 1,538 times
Rated: G

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Long-ish Shuffle Survey.

Created by intoodeep48 and taken 1538 times on Bzoink
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Song Number One.
Favorite lyric of the song:
What color does this song remind you of?:
Who does this song remind you of?:
Name a random memory with the song:
Have you ever seen this band live? Did they sound the same?:
Song Number Two.
What season does the song remind you of?:
Have you ever danced to the song?:
Who would you dedicate this to?:
Was this song in a movie? If so, what one?:
Song Number Three.
Last line of the song:
What feeling do you get from the song?:
Describe this song in one word:
Do any of your friends like this band?:
What does the cover of the album look like?
Song Number Four.
What is the 21st word in the song?:
Is this song well known?:
Have you had this song as a ringtone? If not, would you?:
Does this song remind you of the guy/girl you like?:
If you had to make a screen name from this song, what would you make it?:
Song Number Five.
What is the first line of the song?:
What type of weather does this remind you of?:
If there is a music video for the song, what is it about?:
Is this a fast or slow song?:
What is the song about?
Song Number Six.
Would you play this song at your wedding?:
Does this song get stuck in your head a lot?:
Would your parents like this song?:
How did you find out about this band/artist?:
Song Number Seven.
Would you listen to this song when you're in a bad mood?:
What album is this from?:
Is this one of your favorite songs?:
Have you ever blasted this song in your house/car/etc?:
What does this song make you think about?:
Song Number Eight.
Would you want to have this played at your funeral?:
How many CDs by this band/artist do you own?:
Do you prefer the songs lyrics or music?:
Would you recommend this song to your friends?:
Name three other songs by this artist:
Song Number Nine.
Does this song remind you of death?:
Name a point in time where this song would have fit your mood perfectly:
Has this song or is this song overplayed?:
Is this more of a "daytime" or "nighttime" song?:
Do you know all the words to this song?:
Song Number Ten.
Do you have any posters of this band/artist in your room?:
Have you ever listened to this song on repeat for an extended period of tim
What genre is this?:
Is this song better to listen to alone or with friends?:
How long is this song?:
Song Number Eleven.
Is this a sexual song?:
How long has this band/artist been around?:
Does this song swear a lot?:
What's this song about?:
How many syllables is the song title?:
Song Number Twelve.
Is this your favorite song by this band/artist? If not, what is?:
What year was this song released?:
Who would you dedicate this to?:
What month does this remind you of?:
Is this a song you could mosh to?:
Song Number Thirteen.
What movie does this song remind you of?:
Take out all the vowels in the title. Make an acronym of what's left:
Read your horoscope. Does this song relate to what yours says?:
What is your favorite lyric from the song?:
Who do you know that also likes this song?:
Song Number Fourteen.
At what time does the chorus come in?:
How long have you been listening to this band/artist?:
What part of nature does this remind you of?:
Does this song make you cry?:
Would you play this on a date with a guy/girl?:
Song Number Fifteen.
How many times is the song title sung?:
What animal does this remind you of?:
Close your eyes and think of a random number to go with this song:
Who does this song remind you of?:
What holiday does this remind you of?:
Final Questions.
Which of these songs was your favorite?:
And least favorite?:
Did any of these songs come up and you thought "how'd this get on here?":
Sorry, I need to waste space. What's your name?:
And how old are you?:
Was this survey decent?:
I hate it when surveys ask that; it's not like I can see what you wrote:
Back to space wasting questions! Where are you from?:
What time is it?:
You don't care. This survey's over. Bye: