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Author: cntrygirl4life
Created: October 10, 2007
Taken: 146 times
Rated: G

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Finally NEW quesitons! - cntrygirl4life

Created by cntrygirl4life and taken 146 times on Bzoink
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What religion are you?
Are you just following your family, or are you doing it for yourself?
How do you feel about abortions? (ok so this has been done before).
Do you remember when you painted each toenail a different color?
How often do you go commando?
Have you ever found a 6 leaf clover?
Whats your opinion on the new coin dollars that exclude "In God We Trust"?
Doesn't it irritate you when young girls on MS say they love EVERY bf?
Agree or disagree?
Labels are dumb.
They should do a new driving test every 10 years.
Abortion being used as a birth control should be illegal.
Vick deserves to serve jail time for what he did.
Pre-marital sex is overrated.
Would you ever..
Go stand in front of an abortion clinic and protest?
Get mad at someone for not putting you on their top friends?
Mess around with someone you knew was taken?
Lie in court?
Laugh at someone who got hurt emotionally if they had hurt you in the past?
What do you think about...
People who TyPe LyK dIs?
Organized religion?
People who call ALL the time even when you don't answer the first 5 times?
People who try to control your life?
Those who only call to complain?
Ok, in conclusion..
can't you honestly say this was new and different?
What could I have done better on this survey?