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Author: fobnmcr94
Created: October 2, 2007
Taken: 96 times
Rated: PG

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Emo Bands

Created by fobnmcr94 and taken 96 times on Bzoink
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Emo Band Survey
Do You Like Emo Bands?
Whats Is Your Fave Emo Band?
Who Is The Hottest Emo Guy Outa A Band?
Yes Or No!
Is Any Of Your Friends Emo?
Do Believe Emo is A Sterotype?
Do You Search Emo Guys On Youtube?
Do You Like Screamo?
My Chemical Romance
Who Is Your Fave In The Band?
Whats Your Fave Song?
Did You Prefer Gerard Singing Drunk Or Sober?
Whats Your Fave Song Of All Time?
Do You Own Skinnys?
Do You Own Any Band Shirts?
If So What Ones?
Are They Your Fave Bands?
Do Any Of Your Friends Like The Bands?
Do You Hate Life?
Do You Hate Where You Live?
Are You A Loner?
Do People Tease You
Do You Talk About Your Friends Behind There Backs?
Do You Like Hawthorne Heights?
What Is Your Fave Song By Them?
Do You Have Myspace
The End!

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