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Author: xxnotetoself
Created: September 21, 2007
Taken: 2,095 times
Rated: G

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Super Song SHUFFLE

Created by xxnotetoself and taken 2095 times on Bzoink
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Open your itunes or MP3 player. Put it on random/shuffle.
Don't skip anything, otherwise you're taking the fun away.
Answer the question with the song title that comes up.
You are also known as:
Your parents REAL wedding song:
Your funeral song:
What you think of the world:
How you're feeling today:
The song that will be stuck in your head for weeks on end:
Your significant other sings this to you:
Your theme song at your funeral:
You should create this song title as a screen name:
You would get on your knees and sing this to your best friend:
The result of your breakup:
How to resolve a fight:
On your first date, this would be playing in the background:
Get down to:
Headbang to this tune:
Song of escape:
Uh oh, you failed an assignment. This song pops into your head:
Picture this song as an opera:
Or rather, this one as a hardcore metal screamo song:
What happens when you find true love:
You might say this sums up how lame celebrities are:
Look! It's Spiderman! Play that dramatic music!:
This morning when you looked in the mirror this is what happened:
The song that REALLY gets your adrenaline rushin' is:
You truly, madly hate this song:
But when you're depressed, this one makes it all better:
What about that one time where you felt really super hyper?:
The definition of reality television:
You can sing this to the top of your lungs without missing a note!:
Sometimes, you hate the world. Your teenage angst theme:
Cry me a river, build me a bridge, and get over it with this tune:
Wouldn't this sound cool instrumentally?:
Ugh, boyfriend issues again. What helps you get through?:
Your marriage theme:
Oh noes, then the divorce:
Aaw, prom is here! Dance to this:
Then there's summer vacation, here's a little summer jam to go with it:
Drama, drama, drama. This sums it up:
In all reality, you know this is how you feel about life:
You're off to college, what happens the first day?:
You're in a fairy tale, better bust out that wacky musical song:
Your overall life theme song is: