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Author: amyebess
Created: September 15, 2007
Taken: 810 times
Rated: PG

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Body Modification Survey (Tattoo and Piercings)

Created by amyebess and taken 810 times on Bzoink
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Do you have your ears done?
How many times?
Any of them gauged?
Any cartilage work?
How about a tragus or other "non-typical" ear piercing?
Did you have them done with a gun or needle?
How was the pain for the ear piercings?
Do you have any facial piercings?
If yes, what is your favorite?
What about your tongue?
Any of it painful?
Is your navel pierced?
How about nipples?
Anything below the belt?
Any of the painful?
Don't lie..
What is your favorite piercing over all?
Was anyone with you when you got them?
Did they hold your hand?
I hope not..
What did your friends/family/workplace think?
Do you really care?
Would you pierce your eyebrow?
If yes, side or middle?
Anything else on your face?
Both or one?
Ever consider a navel project (more than one piercing?)
What about below the belt?
If yes, what would you do?
Any other "unusual" or surface piercings you'd consider?
Do you like the fact that nothing is really "unusual" anymore?
Random Piercing q's:
What do you think about ear gauging?
What about gauging anything else?
Have you ever pierced yourself?
Have you ever pierced a friend?
How about an enemy?
Why not, think about how fun that could be *evil laugh*..
What do you think about piercings on the opposite sex?
Could a piercing make or break a relationship?
If yes, shame on you unless it was just THAT weird..
What is the hottest piercing (on opposite sex)?
What is the worst?
What do you think of dudes with naval piercings?
What do you think of nipple piercings?
What is one piercing you would NEVER get?
What is one you like, but will never get?
Do you take 2nd glaces of people with piercings?
In a good or bad way?
Take this opportunity to add something if you want
On to tattoos:
Do you have any?
How many?
What are they?
Here's more room:
Which is the most meaningful?
Did you have any tattoos done while drunk?
Tsk tsk you know that's bad right?
Back to piercings, any of those while under the influence of something?
Have any tattoos you absolutely hate?
Do your tattoos have meaning?
Do you have plans for more tattoos in the future?
How many?
What do you plan to get?
Where is your favorite place you have ever had a tattoo done?
Ever done a tattoo yourself?
On someone else?
If yes, how did they turn out?
Did you design any of your own tattoos?
What do you think of tattoos on the opposite sex?
How many is too many?
Do you think girls with arm tattoos look manly?
Do you think guys with belly/lower back tattoos look girly?
Where would you NEVER get a tattoo?
Did any of your tattoos hurt?
Don't lie, we're all friends here.
Would you ever get a full sleeve or anything large tattoo?
Do you take 2nd looks at peoples tattoos?
Have you ever asked anyone what a tattoo meant?
Do you think there are some tattoo designs that are on too many people?
Have you ever designed a tattoo for yourself or someone else?
Please take this opportunity to add anything you'd like.
Other mods:
Have you ever done any form of scarification?
If yes, what?
If not, do you know what it is?
If not, would you consider it?
Have you ever done any kind of suspension?
If yes, what, and when?
If no, would you?
Any other "unusual" forms of body modifcation you are into?
I hate saying unusual..
Some stuff I forgot and some randoms:
Would you get a mall piercing?
Where do you buy body jewely?
Do you like needles?
Do you like pain?
Don't lie.
Do you prefer self piercing or professional?
Do you think societies views on piercings need to change?
Have you had trouble getting a job because of a piercing/tattoo?
Would you ever have someones name tattooed on you?
Would you want someone to tattoo their name on you?
Do you think lower back tattoos are really "tramp stamps"
Do you think tiny tattoos are pretty lame?
If you could only have one tattoo ever again, what would it be?
What will your next tattoo be?
What is the last tattoo you got?
Ever go with someone else to get a tattoo?
When was the last time?
Ever talked someone into getting a tattoo?
Anyone ever messed up a tattoo on you?
Have you ever not been able to sit through a tattoo?
Have you ever cried? (Please say no)
Are you going to cry when this survey is over?